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  1. Okay! I hope you guys can work it out. The casual game options in HoN are pretty incredible. Thanks!
  2. How so? Do you mean that HoN can't have all of these map options available in the same patch? I do want to be clear: my suggestion is for HoN to decide which game everyone will play and THEN start loading the map after it has chosen the game mode.
  3. Hello all, I don't know if this is an option that can be turned on, but if it is not: Allow the player to see a tower's range when they hold alt or when they click on a tower Another suggestion that would be helpful for new or returning players. Thanks
  4. Hello all, Forgive me if this is an option that can be turned on, but if it is not: Let the shop open back up to whatever you were looking at when you closed it. Also, for bonus points: Allow clicking an item while shop is open to see that item in shop (and everything it builds into) -maybe only non-activatables or items that are on cooldown This will make it much easier for new or returning players. Thanks
  5. Hello all, This is probably an incredibly useful feature for anyone who feels like playing a casual game. Sometimes you think "midwars would be acceptable if we can't find a riftwars or prophets game." Also, HoN has a boatload of great games that they used to cycle in and out, and those games are super fun but not as commonplace as midwars. My suggestion is simple and has been utilized by HoN's competitors: Allow the player to choose multiple casual game modes to queue up for. Capture the flag Rift Wars Mid Wars Prophets Blitz Mode Dev w
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