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  1. general: season reset heroes: silhuette:no cast time on ulti illusion swap wildsoul:no mana cost to ulti arachna:her 3rd spell granting true strike again at lvl 4 madman:stalk duration increased by 1s doctor repulsor :ulti doesnt perplex him hammerstorm:galvanize passively giving 4/6/8/10 armor adrenaline:complete rework revertion to what it was in 2018-2019 ,the reasons are literally endless pestilence:flight rework to what it used to be ,without the second activation(jump) and more duration items: ghost marchers:from +60 ms to +70 ms,imo they should be ev
  2. yeah tremble is fine ,my bad ,i was abit prejudiced after my wildsoul game i guess xd
  3. also tremble doesnt attack from inside the mound unless you order him (is tremble a guy did i say that right?) again ,silh ulti also doesnt attack when she spawns unless commanded otherwise ;ill let u know about more cases after i play more heroes!
  4. wildsoul ulti form :after u manualy trigger w ,hero holds position and stops attacking
  5. There is no long run ,i doubt there are actualy new players and the existing ones play less and less (if not stop altogether) cuz they work and have family and stuff.Im not attached to the past ,its literally a fact that 2 years ago people would play any hero and barely anyone was complaining about anything ,and in high tmm if there was a specific player playing a strong hero too often then people would know and ban it.You are obsessed with what u think is balance but in the end of the day people will always get annoyed when they lose games and smurfs will be able to 1v5 with no matter what he
  6. We have seen more changes in the last 1.5 years than we had in the previous 10. I understand the whole 'lets make people play different things so they dont get bored and uninstall the game' thing when in fact its frustrating having to deal with huge changes every patch that consequently force what is good and what is not anymore lol.Recent examples include puppet master ,shadowblade ,grimoire ,dawnbringer and now all ranged heroes? (?!) I guess the next patch will turn Heroes of Newerth into League of Legends at this rate.Going abit further back we seen Adrenaline turn into an abomination of a
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