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  1. I believe mistake 2 has been rectified for years - people can 4q amongst friends if they would like. A lot of different people have made some good pointson this thread and I have done my best to reply to them, but I am hoping @ElementUser could share his perspective from FB on what can realistically be implemented etc.
  2. Anecdotally, I agree that this sort of shit has been happening far more frequently than in the past. Although it's still a demoralizing 15 minutes, losing -1.6 MMR is a consolation somewhat - that is if you care about MMR, which I feel like most people still do to an extent. There are frequent enough cases where if the enemy team has a 3q stack and the MMR disparity isn't high enough between teams (e.g. due to smurfing/silver-gold accounts on the stack), you'll still get the +/- 5 MMR which is considerably worse.
  3. Agreed. Even if people don't outright give up, the chances of your team getting someone who would grief (at least 4x rolls of potentially getting a griefer across 4x team slots) v.s. enemy team (1-2x rolls across 1-2x team slots) are significantly higher, which makes for an even poorer quality game. I am wondering what potential obstacles exist to tweaking the MMR gain/loss systems with respect to group q v.s. Solo Q, and if EU has feedback. I would +++++++++++++++ be willing to donate to address this issue.
  4. Do we have some kind of notion as to what target groups marketing would be useful to? For example, I'm skeptical we can attract people that are new to the MOBA genre given the massive learning curve to the game and competition from big titles, but it feels more plausible to attract players from other MOBA games who generally know how the genre works and may already be the equivalent of a Silver/Gold player starting out at HoN as opposed to being the bottom of Bronze. I just donated to marketing $, but I'm curious to what other players/EU think about this - and perhaps to obtain community
  5. Firstly, it's clear people think there are major issues with the existing system for high-ranked players (Legendary II and above), and to a lesser extent more incentive to play on high-ranked accounts. The gains/loss system I described that distinguishes group Q v.s. solo Q players should address the worst aspects of how prevalent 3-5qs are amongst high-ranked MMR players (Immortal queuing with gold/silver as 3-5q since you get static +/-5 MMR upon reaching Immortal, irrespective of MMR disparity), but positive incentives should definitely be on the table as well. Even without season removals,
  6. Variations on this idea was proposed before, and the biggest argument from FB was that preventing friend groups from playing together is a line in the sand. I do agree with this, especially as the Legendary-Immortal community has never been smaller or more connected. Still, this doesn't mean that we can tune MMR gains/losses commensurate with whether someone is Group Q or Solo Q, and therefore still allow their Rank/MMR to be a relatively accurate measure of their skill level.
  7. A major problem in the current matchmaking (MM) system is how it easily rewards Group Q (defined as people queuing together as 3-5) while worsening the experience for Solo Q players. This is an issue for the majority of brackets - from Gold to Immortal due to the massive teamwork, communication, coordination, and griefing-resistant advantages that comes with Group Q. Additionally, it was pointed out by posters in the forums that at high brackets (1800+) the MMR algorithm ostensibly favors Group Q for finding games, making it even more frustrating for Solo Q players. Given such a disparity bet
  8. If you click "Whisper Only" chat mode after holding down the 'z' button for chat box, the only messages/chat you'll see are from whispers. You can do it yourself manually at the start of each game but bear in mind a lack of communication usually leads to worsened team coordination and morale. If you think the benefit of tuning out noise and possible negativity from team chat is worth the cost of zero communication, then by all means. Just keep in mind at the end of the day yes it's a game and yes you can do whatever you want, but it's also a team game and so your actions can lead to evne
  9. Right now a lot of the complexity of jungling - and what raises the skill cap for jungling, so that it doesn't spiral into a low risk and high reward strategy, is the unique early jungle rotations for different jungle heroes that good jungle players need to master, not to mention striking the right balance between farming neutrals and ganking. There's nothing stopping a good jungle player from making his presence felt in any lane from 1 min onwards: Ophelia/Parasite/Solstice can gank from Level 2 onwards, place pressure on enemy mid-lane, counter wards, camp runes etc. and right now the meta
  10. Jungling is at arguably at one of its finer points throughout the game's history. Many jungle heroes are viable, they all have their distinct rotations that when properly executed gives them significant reward, and yet jungling still carries a large risk of giving the enemy carry plenty of free farm that necessitates the jungler to make up for his early game passiveness. Moreover, the meta is at a point where having multiple cores can be at least as effective if not more so than an overfarmed single core, so there are relatively equal amounts of both risk and reward for having a jungler on you
  11. They likely calculated that the monetary cost of reduced purchasing of subs/stat resets < less tangible benefits of reduced smurfing from subs/stat resets and increased quality of lower ranked games, which supports player retention. Additionally, it's worth keeping in mind most of the people purchasing stat resets/subs are players that have already committed a lot to the game and will likely purchase them even at higher prices, suggesting significant price inelasticity of the subs/resets relative to demand and that FB may be making even more buck by raising prices - which helps keep the gam
  12. Armor boots is a big investment for a TB, especially like you said he just sits in lane and casts spells. If he dies in 3 hits with Striders, he's not going to take more than 5 hits with armor boots and I don't know the additional 700 gold price early game makes it worth it. The best item choices for TB are those that improves his positioning capability e.g. PK, Tablet, Post Haste etc. and his overall damage output e.g. Spellshards, Spellsunder, Grimoire, Resto etc. Seeing as Striders can be made into Post Haste late game and its low initial price lets TB farm those positioning/damage items fa
  13. bruh TB was lvl 19 against a Helbourne team with levels 8-12 - and a quick honstats search reveals he was smurfing. https://www.honstats.com/match/161658549. You're trying to argue that this cherry-picked match result is primarily due to how Grimoire is overbuffed, rather than as a result of 1) the TB player smurfing in 1500 bracket, 2) TB snowballing due to buffs to his laning and ganking presence, 3) a 7-11 level differential between one hero and the entire enemy team. Like, don't you see how literally any other hero being 7-11 levels higher than the enemy team would steamroll them with
  14. Not a bad idea, but besides logistical difficulties of implementation, probably the biggest barrier would be to developing the video content tutorials for each hero. It might be somewhat more feasible to develop tutorials for a select few heroes of a range of roles thare are also the most easily played e.g. Hammerstorm/Madman for carry, Pyro/Witch Slayer for support, Pebbles/Gauntlet for ganking, Solstice for jungling. Even with just 5x videos, each for a hero for each game role guiding the player through spell usage, laning, role responsibilities etc. would be especially insightful. That
  15. permias

    Best heroes

    Draconis, Parasite, Maliken, Klanx, Monkey King, Martyr, Pearl, Gauntlet. To this day, I still just really love the entire concept of Parasite. I will say that the concepts for Gladiator, Devourer, Pebbles (even persisting to their current iteration today with the exception of their staff effects) were directly ported from Dota.
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