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  1. bruh TB was lvl 19 against a Helbourne team with levels 8-12 - and a quick honstats search reveals he was smurfing. https://www.honstats.com/match/161658549. You're trying to argue that this cherry-picked match result is primarily due to how Grimoire is overbuffed, rather than as a result of 1) the TB player smurfing in 1500 bracket, 2) TB snowballing due to buffs to his laning and ganking presence, 3) a 7-11 level differential between one hero and the entire enemy team. Like, don't you see how literally any other hero being 7-11 levels higher than the enemy team would steamroll them with
  2. Not a bad idea, but besides logistical difficulties of implementation, probably the biggest barrier would be to developing the video content tutorials for each hero. It might be somewhat more feasible to develop tutorials for a select few heroes of a range of roles thare are also the most easily played e.g. Hammerstorm/Madman for carry, Pyro/Witch Slayer for support, Pebbles/Gauntlet for ganking, Solstice for jungling. Even with just 5x videos, each for a hero for each game role guiding the player through spell usage, laning, role responsibilities etc. would be especially insightful. That
  3. Draconis, Parasite, Maliken, Klanx, Monkey King, Martyr, Pearl, Gauntlet. To this day, I still just really love the entire concept of Parasite. I will say that the concepts for Gladiator, Devourer, Pebbles (even persisting to their current iteration today with the exception of their staff effects) were directly ported from Dota.
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