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  1. There's no budget and FB doesn't take interns to work on stuff for free. So there you have it.
  2. There are mods that help update the skins, you could learn to up the resolution of the skins if you really want to and would like to take on the challenge.
  3. Yup, a team of 4/5 stomping on noobs I can't babysit all game is truly not fair.
  4. Welp, they're not getting any money from me otherwise because i'm not gonna grind silver for skins
  5. Because you already got used to the yelling and don't care to spend another 10k hours learning something new.
  6. I changed the title. I didn't mean pay to play per se as in a subscription, but a premium set of features which included access to skins purchasable with silver and other stuff. I love the game, but I don't love playing it bc of trolls.
  7. I believe it's June 1st and you quote a post which indicates June 30th as deadline.
  8. US tmm? count me in, i'll join after my ban is lifted.
  9. How do you use the old UI?
  10. You digress. But how about the idea of giving some of us a reason to donate. As someone suggested, a way to filter out trolls and downvote someone's rep when they refuse to do basic stuff as supports, tanks, junglers, etc. should have been a feature 10 years ago. I currently have no incentive to play HoN. I despite 70% of the silver bracket players, from leavers to ppl who don't communicate or ignore your attempts to do it. At this point I would be relieved if HoN NA closed and gave me a reason to stop playing (except when I get banned XD)
  11. I'll spare you the paragraph about my HoN history and go straight to the point. Create a subscription of 5 bucks a month where the subscriber has: - Monthly access to all skins and game stuffs purchasable with silver. - Monthly access to unlock all past game feature events, all the limited time skins and whatnot. - A higher silver reward per match so we can spend them in non-skin stuff - 5-10 plinko ticket per day - RAP ticket priority You may create an in-game poll and a forum poll (I've used the forums some 20 times in the past 10 years, so not a lot) and see if people would
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