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  1. Fair enough. The main problems in my opinion are the time when it is accesible plus the speed of the damage. Possible solutions: - Make a timer on codex like on puzzle box and arcane bomb. For example u can only buy level 2 codex after x minutes you purchased the first level codex. - Another solution would be to put a longer casttime on codex. One of the main reason that it is so strong is because it has no casttime. Make it easier to disjoint with for example mag stun, bub codex, shrunken etc. - Last but not least: Just increase the cooldown by a lot would probably be
  2. no codex nerf/adjustement? para, goldenveil, fayde with codex is currently infesting tmm. and it's super strong.
  3. hon always spiked a lot in fps. u just need enough to begin with. for me it goes from 150 down to like 90 in teamfights. input delay is problem for your ISP.
  4. Depends on who is the better player. MQ: steamboots, geos, shrunken, wingbow, symbol + any item. Ravenor: Phaseboots, dawnbringer, shrunken, pk, hypercrown + any item. I'd give the edge to moonqueen if played right. But ofc in a simple manup battle of rightclicks rave wins.
  5. You can always buy a doom, die and then hope a teammate picks it up. +5600 gold...
  6. I can't tell anymore if u troll, whine or if you are just bad. Anyways, this thread gave me some good laughs. ggwpcc15thx Edit: forgot the smiley
  7. Ok, let me tell you a little story: Little Froschbein here was playing HoN a couple weeks ago. He joined a game and had a teammate calling woods. This teammate then picked a lovely hero named Predator. So little Froschbein thought: Oh my.... how does Predator farm woods when he is not a woods hero? He then picked another beautiful Hero named Bloodhunter to help Predator farm the jungle. When the game started he bought orb and started to farm jungle camps with predator. Much to the displease of his teammates. The next morning little Froschbein tried to log in to his account but he cou
  8. let's forget your initial post since its snowflake rage garbage anyways and focus on this instead
  9. bro it's just hon. get over it. stop care so much about random people on the internet
  10. The main question is how can you track "good behavior"? I'm fairly sure a commend button would be heavily abused xd
  11. It's nice to see other people sharing my sentiments for this beautiful game. Working overtime for it seems a bit over the top in my opinon but hey, if it makes you happy why not. But declaring him mentally ill because of that? Give me a break @twoscoopsREE I myself don't like the donation page very much, but I did buy every item in the store, so I'm sure some of that money went into paying the servers etc. At the end of the day we all want HoN to survive. So he is right: If you have some spare money why not give it to a game that persisted for 12years and counting and that has
  12. I may have a bit overexplained in my posts before. Plague is a solid suicide pick for lower mmr games. Deny a creep, get lanecontrol, get some farm and xp + x3 and kill ancients. If you however play against more expierenced players they will just stack & pull the medium camp, get double xp + gold while you can not do anything and stay low level. (blocking the pull camp is an option but it can also be unblocked). In addition Plague is very easy to kill. Any carry + support with stun kills you from level 1. What i tried to express in my previous posts is that a lvl 3 Plague at 7min is c
  13. The whole point of sui and jungle is that it is more save. You have 2 heroes guaranteed freefarming (short and jungle) while only sacrificing 1 hero (the suicide). When the sui now also helps mid to win then you are very likely to win the game. Manup lane instead of jungle is good but only if you win it. If you go manup and not completely destroy the lane you gonna have 2 useless heroes (opposite to only 1 sui) and you also won't have a freefarm jungle. WhIch makes the game more risky since u really depend on your long lane to win. Jungle and solo short can work depending on what her
  14. If you are (or believe you are) better than most of your teammates why don't you step up and call a core role. My experience on low accs: 70% of the games are winnable if you are better than the usual player in that rating. 30% are straight up grief/dc/whatever, not winnable not to worry about since there are 7 out of 10 games that you can win if you try hard. tl;dr: focus more on your playing than on your teammates. Focus on the games you actually can win and forget/havefun/leave the games you obviously can't. regards
  15. Bubbles and Hag are mid heroes not suicide. Suicide heroes are mainly strengh heroes with a stun. Behe, mag, lode etc. (you can try devo, ramp and do more of a roam sui). How you play it? Suicide lane is all about the medium pull camp. In lower bracket you just hide in trees then pull it at .47 seconds to your wave and enjoy free xp. In game with a better support that stops you from pulling you run around to get lvl 2. (you always buy boots on sui). then you go for the 2min rune and try to do something with it. (gank mid, woods, get more xp on your lane, box out the sup etc.). t
  16. Is there any way you can put the gold color in plinko( the one from beta)? I even have a 2009 acc but never claimed it 12 years ago. Is there any way i can get it?
  17. I recomment Heroes of the Storm for you. - No Allchat -Everyone gets killcredit -Everyone has same xp -No items to buy that make teammates flame you -Only 4 Buttons to press all game long Think you will enjoy it regards
  18. yes, we need something like that. Or my idea: Make it solo-q only from legendary rank upwards. Means once you reacah legendary you can only solo-queue. That would make the games much more interesting and would also show the "real" skilllevel of the players. Regards
  19. forgot to instal zoom-out mod? Keepo
  20. Buy veiled rot, gank their carry
  21. I love this idea! Give solo queuing some motivation to win. It would even increase the quality of the games cause people are more motivated to win. Or instead of reducing MMr to win for group queue, what about increasing it for solo Q. Make it +6/7 if you win solo.
  22. str heroes with high autoattack dmg are good vs riptide. for example: Deadwood, Kraken etc.
  23. Play some midwars games to get the hang of the mechanics. then q ranked. its ok to lose first 10 -20 games. ignore all the haters and try to copy the "good" players. play long enough and you will eventually win and have fun.
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