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  1. Play some midwars games to get the hang of the mechanics. then q ranked. its ok to lose first 10 -20 games. ignore all the haters and try to copy the "good" players. play long enough and you will eventually win and have fun.
  2. Options --> search for: "interface" --> untick "New Main Interface" --> restart game
  3. you can use old UI and just click once to ban
  4. Despite all the up's and down's of HoN I agree with OP. Thanks for still making me able to play this after 12 (holy shit its 12) years! @`Tusk` I like the HoN artstyle actually a lot. Played some Dota2 and it was way too grey and boring for me. So you see. That's just a matter of opinion.
  5. At the end of the day you just have to find a mmr bracket/people to play with, which all play they way you consider fun. It's impossible to ban all the "griefers", cause there is always a grey area. Much like in real life. Regards
  6. This. Not 0mmr but 1250 like it used to be. One of the biggest problems this "season" is that even with 6 losses you get silver rank. with 2 lucky wins you get gold rank. So all the bronze players are suddenly 300mmr above their skill level, which is not fun for them or their teammates. Just make it as it used to be: Start at 1250 in placements with a max of 1750 (or keep it 1700 thats fine).
  7. Maybe u were charged by rampage?
  8. You can buy a subaccount in the in-game shop. "others" tab.
  9. [FB]HyperXewl — heute um 11:49 Uhr it should automatically install when installing hon64 as well [11:49] https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=35 installing dx9 fixxed it for me in case any1 is still having this problem.
  10. Any solution to this? Got this error after installing x64 hon on my new computer.
  11. I want old dragon with the fireflight and hydra ultimate.
  12. To be honest, I hate it more if people call woods and dont farm 10min. They gank from first min and end up with 200 gpm sols useless. Playing suicide for a capable jungler I don't mind at all.
  13. Haven't had so much fun pIaying hon in years. Keep it that way!
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