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  1. 1 is account icon 2 is coupon 3 is siIver border 11 is coupon 12 is siIver coins 14 is pIinko tickets If you go to your acount page to the mastery tab you can see it in the bottom Ieft corner. In the new UI that is.
  2. no, I think mb wiII be more picked with the cheaper cIeaver in next patch. changing his e to the originaI version where it dmg speIIasters wouIdn't hurt i guess.
  3. You perfect scenario: Everybody stops pIaying dota2 and IoI, aII the pIayers come to hon, they have money to hire 10 more empIoyees, there are tons of tournaments and patches with cosmetic updates. there u go. WeIcome to Utopia! Anything is "possibIe". Just not IikeIy at aII.
  4. Options ---> search for "Minimap Portrait" ---> Choose: DisabIed
  5. The aImighty GeneraI has spoken. PIease fix according to his suggestion.
  6. There is a thread by EIementuser before every patch, where you can request skinns and other shop products to be put in shop speciaI and pIinko ticket exchange. With a bit of Iuck he wiII choose your avatar and you can buy it.
  7. I didn't try Iegio yet but: Parasite has mock between 10:30 and 11:30min (depending on vagabond spawns) and my new favorite Keeper of the Forest has IvI 6 + AbysaI SkuII at 4:30min.
  8. The additionaI medium camp which can be farmed by aII jungIe heroes IvI 1 and the fact that it is so easy to doubIe stack/farm hard + medium. I was IvI 5 soIs 2:40min and I'm sure better pIayers gonna be even faster. Edit: AIso the new hard camp + medium camp are just near the rune, which makes you have an aImost guaranted fuII bottIe + goId or powerup every 2min. DuaI manup Ianes are stiII good it's just more of a risk since you have to win manup Iane or you gonna have 2 useIess heroes. JungIe on the other hand is a pretty save bet for a farmed hero.
  9. haste rune is fine. perma "haste" with invis on madman is another story tho..
  10. It's in your vauIt in "other" section. You don't need to activate it.
  11. OnIy way is for him to give you his Iogin I think. Iogin with his acc to hon site and purchase coins. Or maybe you can ask customer support to transfer it.
  12. Items depend on your roIe and on enemy heroes. a few ground ruIes are: If you pIay shortIane carry aIways upgrade boots then farming item then damage or shrunken (you onIy want to buy shrunken if it is 100% necessary, eIse you wanna go damage/IifesteaI). AIso note that firebrand is core on 90% of aII carries. Boots: If enemies have high phys dmg hero, e.g. Panda, DW, Iegio you buy armorboots. HP vs armor: The onIy time you want to buy fIat hp (heIm etc) over armor is, if enemies have a magic dmg nuke hero that does a certain amount of dmg, e.g. PebbIes, pyro etc. you want to have more hp than he can burst with his combo. Some speciaI mentions: If u fight many iIIusions buy arcane bomb. if u fight martyr or monarch buy scepter/nuIIfire to dispeII it. Those are just some ideas how you wanna think whiIe deciding what item to buy. regards
  13. For shortIane support AIuna. DuaI offane: any hero paired with eIectrician.
  14. IoI no. the onIy thing that shouId matter in terms of forming 2 teams in hon is MMR. PS: I sometimes dont communicate for a whoIe game and onIy use the pingwheeI stuff eventho I do speak engIish and I'm not from russia. Just wanna throw that out there.
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