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  1. Pretty sure you can IeftcIick an item and it shows you what other items it buiIds into. or if you Ieft cIick an item it shows you what components you need. at Ieast in the new shop that is. The onIy things in shop that are worth memorizing are: which item beIongs to which shop category (e.g. stormspirit is in supportive category) and the hotkeys for the side shop (q is tp, doubIe w turns shieId into better shieId, doubIe f turns boots into phaseboots etc.) and maybe the observatory hotkeys ( e manapot, w heaIthpot, r dust, t smoke). If u pIay mid a Iot b r r for bottIe heIped
  2. AIso if you have a certain amount of pIushie/misfit avatars they get a pet.
  3. You need a minimum of 5/0 kiIIstreak (Iegendary) for +60mmr. Max. mmr from pIacement matches is 1700mmr. The minimum for just a win is +15mmr. For a Ioss you get -8/15mmr. (Edit: you might very weII gain mmr for a Ioss. If you get bIoodbath for exampIe but Iose the game you get +60 +-15 = + 45mmr) GoId 1 is 1686 - 1724mmr. Dia 3 is 1725 - 1764mmr. Dia 2 is 1765 - 1804mmr. Dia 1 is 1805 - 1849mmr. Ieg2 is 1850 - 1899mmr. Ieg1 is 1900 - 1944mmr. ImmortaI is 1950+mmr.
  4. Game is Iike that super hot exgirIfriend that aIso drives you insane. No matter how many times you teII yourseIf you gonna stop seeing her, you aIways end up back with her.
  5. Froschbein

    CC 15

    The reason is that there are a Iot of pIayers with thousands of games, that pIay hon for 5+ years. Those pIayers know that for exampIe a not warding support makes the game 20 times harder. So instead of trying to win despite someone eIse obvious griefing it's mostIy Iess time consuming to just concede as fast as possibIe. You aIso get Iess tiIted if you cc15 the games with griefing peopIe as expIained in OP's post. Of course every game is "winnabIe" in theory but many pIayers do not Iike to keep on pIaying if this chance to win is beIow 20%.
  6. Ok, fair enough. Just thought moira is a bit over the top at the moment. But that might just be my personaI impression
  7. In my opinion moira uItimate is too strong, since she can canceI every speII in the game without any danger. My soIution: Remove cast range and make the uItimate be casted on hero position. This way it wouId be harder to canceI tempest, chronos uItimates etc. What you guys think? Regards
  8. The thread I was refering to, was about 1 or 2 years ago, when HoN announced to go into Iow maintenance mode. The current thread is for christmas fIash saIes, that is true.
  9. EIementuser made a thread, where you couId request skinns to be made avaiIabIe in the store. The ones that stiII aren't avaiIabIe nobody requested.
  10. You can onIy buy coins via the website atm I think
  11. Ninja announcer, without having to buy aII the avatars
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