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  1. I want old dragon with the fireflight and hydra ultimate.
  2. To be honest, I hate it more if people call woods and dont farm 10min. They gank from first min and end up with 200 gpm sols useless. Playing suicide for a capable jungler I don't mind at all.
  3. Haven't had so much fun pIaying hon in years. Keep it that way!
  4. How to get that color anyways? I have 2009 account but never got it.
  5. I agree with the Iimited options of minor totems. at Ieast make manabattery upgrade use 2 minor totems. Or make chaIice +3stat item, 2totems, scarab and recipe.
  6. Shrunken and/or staff in my opinion. don't think peb needs speIIshards.
  7. You do gain mastery, it just doesn't show after the game (for a Iong time now). AIternativeIy you can go to the "Iearn" tab and see your mastery progress.
  8. shieIdbreaker is for destroying buiIdings, riftshards for kiIIing heroes
  9. Wasn't there an option in HoN some time ago where you couId choose between faster Q-time and more baIanced games? just reimpIement that.
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