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  1. I think dota's map is bigger and the game is more zoomed out. That's why it feels slower. As for the thread: I'd die for benzington in dota xd
  2. Yeah, well, that's just, like, your opinion, man.
  3. Noooooooo, my beloved hon ( It was a good ride tho. I'm gonna try dota for a bit but I doubt I will ever love it the way I loved HoN. So long noobas :`(
  4. If you take cover the first hit from shadowblades intelligence form (the hit that procs stun) the 2nd hit from shadowblade still stuns you. If it is intended don't mind this thread. Regards
  5. Froschbein


    it was only give to people that prepurchased the game. i never got it aswell
  6. Just ping 10 times everytime you deward. Followed by spamming chat that you are about to deward and that you win them the game and that they are all bad and that they should thank you. ez.
  7. I think I had that one and fixxed it by switching from directx to opengl. Maybe @HyperXewl can enlighten you. seems like something he would know.
  8. Here are my dream patch-notes: - One last season reset aKa remove seasons at all. - Accounts start at 1250 MMr again, reintroduce Bronze rank - Only max of Duo-Queue on accounts with 1800+ MMr - Insta rewards for ranking up. For example: 100 Goldcoins upon reaching Diamond rank, free avatar of choice upon reaching Immortal etc. - If it is even possible: Randomtaunt in addition to Supertaunt: Every time you succesfully taunt someone it randomly chooses a taunt from your Vault. Edit: Automatically generated "tournaments" like there were in Warcraft 3 with its own st
  9. You can get almost every avatar from Plinko. Gotta gamble bro
  10. this thread is so good if you play normal hon xd
  11. Fair enough. The main problems in my opinion are the time when it is accesible plus the speed of the damage. Possible solutions: - Make a timer on codex like on puzzle box and arcane bomb. For example u can only buy level 2 codex after x minutes you purchased the first level codex. - Another solution would be to put a longer casttime on codex. One of the main reason that it is so strong is because it has no casttime. Make it easier to disjoint with for example mag stun, bub codex, shrunken etc. - Last but not least: Just increase the cooldown by a lot would probably be
  12. no codex nerf/adjustement? para, goldenveil, fayde with codex is currently infesting tmm. and it's super strong.
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