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  1. i know how it used to work, but now it says thats if u stay in mound, i stayed in mound for 5sec? or so cus i fought in mound, but after pitfall he disappeared XD, and those "detailed tooltips" u can see on heroesofnewerth.com and on learnapedia can be shoved to **** cus they don't show anything.
  2. Situation: i am fighting tremble in mid as gladiator, he wins totally, but there is a fight at 9:21- 9:34 where after pitfall he disapppeared as if stealth was applied to him(but i was still standing in the mound, i die in 1-2 hits after that) cus i was out of mound, did u fail another update too? or is that a "feature" . If u can watch this from gladiator point of view u will know what i mean. or did i step out of mound? so i couldn't see him inside mound? There is no indicator about how is he invis or not, in icons... id match 161436009
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