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  1. Does anyone have a list of the rewards currently given out for each hero mastery level?
  2. Zombies only annoying when casted on like 1 or 2 people. If used in a 5v5 team fight, its nothing. Slow fields with an ability to walk past them is not a good investment, that sounds more like a normal ability. If I'm blowing 4200 or 6500, it better be a game changer. Not like little slow or creep field shit. But I agree there needs to be some way to make it more zombie like.
  3. Well right now people just walk right through the zombie apocalypse. Doesn't even phase people about the few zombies that pop up. So yea maybe the slow fields are a good idea but it doesn't justify what zombies actually do or mean mythologically. Zombies don't create slow fields in fanfiction. And it would still be 4200 for some slow fields every 40s. Very expensive. Mind as well just get frostfield.
  4. 25% for 2 seconds is not strong enough to be worth a SOTM upgrade. That is a really poor cost:benefit ratio. I suggest something more akin and fun way to how we actually think of zombies - Restrain or Crippling ability, and their infectious. Counter suggestion: (make a real zombie apocalypse) Zombie damage stays the same. Increased zombie count to 35. Increases summon area to 700 radius. Increase zombie duration by 3s. Wretched zombies gain either some restrain mechanic like OR physical attacks that apply a stacking MS slow 4% per hit stackable. Unstable zombies
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