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  1. I guess I'm not getting my point across well. I'm not exactly saying that we should really open a discussion on MW limits here. What I'm really trying to figure out is why even open this can of worms? You made it pretty clear that hero balances are made for FoC, and not for MW. Ok got it. Community makes peace with the heroes as they are for MW and all the chaotic broken shit that comes along with it, which includes all the broken Tier 1 heroes in this mode, PLUS an occasion wildcard high HP bramble (a hero that isn't even an 'always pick OR ban' hero). I would really love to s
  2. So let me get this straight. Heroes and abilities that are broken, every single game, by nature of the MW mode is OK, but a hero that has a mechanic that, agreed, has a strong scale potential, BUT ONLY IF ALL THE FOLLOWING CONDITIONS ARE MET, needs to be nerfed: IF he gets Staff or IF his teammate staffs him IF he gets several high cost big strength or HP items AND requires a significant amount of kills/assist which is NOT GUARANTEED AND COULD ONLY happen in MW IF the game goes WELL AND LONG (~40-60min+) enough for bramble's
  3. I really don't understand why bramble's chomp damage needed to be nerfed for Mid Wars. Please consider the following arguments: It takes a considerable amount of assists/kills + several HP/strength items for bramble to obtain a large HP pool. For numbers, it takes 10k HP for bramble to chomp 1k magic damage. Bramble does not easily or consistently achieve 10k+ HP in a MW game. If one chooses to aim to build a high HP bramble, it's probably necessary that he buy several HP based items which sacrifices several item slots which limits his gameplay versa
  4. That is a brilliant idea. Instead of always asking the team where the ward is, we can just ping the spot with the sound effect. Brilliant.
  5. Introduction Anyone who plays MW regularly knows that Flint is one of the most picked and most annoying hero in MW. He is incredibly strong in the MW map. Simply overpowered. This is not to say that Flint has a 100% win rate in MW, but his win rate is certainly very very high for the minimal skill and effort it takes to play him. In any given game with a Flint, all he has to do is stay safe in the back, itemize accordingly, and he will most likely carry the game. In the recent MW tournaments, the win rate of games with Flint is ridiculously high. Flint's overwhelming power comes from his
  6. Introduction MW is meant to be a fun high action mode with no consequences; this is the spirit and motto that gave birth to MW. However, with the inclusion of MMR in MW and insufficient match-making modes, there is too much competitiveness to reach high MMR status. This has caused the emergence of some unenjoyable game behaviors for players who just want to play MW for true high action no pressure casual fun. Such unenjoyable behaviors include only picking the most unbalanced heroes in MW (eg. flint, vindi, accursed, artillery, devourer, saphire, tarot, master of arms, shadowblade,
  7. Does anyone have a list of the rewards currently given out for each hero mastery level?
  8. Zombies only annoying when casted on like 1 or 2 people. If used in a 5v5 team fight, its nothing. Slow fields with an ability to walk past them is not a good investment, that sounds more like a normal ability. If I'm blowing 4200 or 6500, it better be a game changer. Not like little slow or creep field shit. But I agree there needs to be some way to make it more zombie like.
  9. Well right now people just walk right through the zombie apocalypse. Doesn't even phase people about the few zombies that pop up. So yea maybe the slow fields are a good idea but it doesn't justify what zombies actually do or mean mythologically. Zombies don't create slow fields in fanfiction. And it would still be 4200 for some slow fields every 40s. Very expensive. Mind as well just get frostfield.
  10. 25% for 2 seconds is not strong enough to be worth a SOTM upgrade. That is a really poor cost:benefit ratio. I suggest something more akin and fun way to how we actually think of zombies - Restrain or Crippling ability, and their infectious. Counter suggestion: (make a real zombie apocalypse) Zombie damage stays the same. Increased zombie count to 35. Increases summon area to 700 radius. Increase zombie duration by 3s. Wretched zombies gain either some restrain mechanic like OR physical attacks that apply a stacking MS slow 4% per hit stackable. Unstable zombies
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