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  1. Please please please put up Scorpio Slither! Been waiting forever for it to be on sale since I missed the original release due to a sick family member years ago I will be forever thankful!
  2. Hey there FB staff. I'm interested in buying a couple limited edition avatars - Zodiac Scorpio Slither for example - and I haven't seen them be available yet, even for gold. Any chance these avatars will go back on sale in the shop for gold/silver? Thanks and apologies if this was asked before! - Loki
  3. That was Riftwars (AKA shufflepick) mode. I still play it sometimes, though I have a hard time getting more than 6 people in at a time. So much fun! Gauntlet Q or rampage E on a ranged hero is absurdly strong btw. Especially if you add Blitz mode to it - you can have like 20 gaunt Qs active at once and just explode anyone/anything.
  4. I get what you're saying, but the delay on the ulti is what makes the push back to you useful. You wouldn't want to see a delay on the damage from normal horned strike. Maybe the staff would turn the slow back into a stun+extra damage based on movement speed? Agreed. Also, I'm pretty sure you can't PK when chained to someone. I was giving an example - if you WERE OR ABLE to charge during chain, which you aren't. No mental gymnastics here, just a thorough takedown of your arguments. We'll see how it plays out, but I expect it will go in the same way as when it was first introduc
  5. I mean, this basically. Except 3, no idea how that would work. First off, when you've chained an opponent, you're unable to blink or use movement abilities, so you can't charge away. Let's say, though, that you didn't charge in at the opponent and you can charge while bound, what do you charge? You're trying to isolate the enemy, so you don't want to charge another player, so you charge a random enemy creep? It wouldn't help you at all.
  6. Drag never, ever, did 50-60% of an opponent's HP in damage, unless it was an underleveled support, dragged for the entire duration and maybe a few ranged allied autos. The reason the chains were removed in the past was because they were a glitchy mess that did very little damage and didn't sync with his kit. His whole kit is getting in fast, how does he get out after chaining someone? He can't charge out, he can't PK away, he doesn't have the strength gain that used to make him tanky. It's a real mess. His current ulti is great to put on escaping opponents to bring them back to you. It's
  7. Agreed, it muddled his style and the chains that bind don't work into his kit - he's meant to go in and kill. He's always had a hard time escaping, especially s you can't charge when you have someone chained and you have to charge an opponent (creep, hero or neutral). See above, but what you're asking is Rampage fundamentally changing - that was the idea of Iron Hide when it was given to him a while back, but it didn't work well. There's a big difference between going in and nuking someone, then tossing them back to you (wherever you are) and trying to drag them back. Fu
  8. I disagree. Yes, you can distill the damage as a nuke and the stun with other stunning ultimates, but the part that send the opponent towards rampage is pretty awesome, as it plays (played) into Rampage's kit of moving opponents out of place. I agree that the chains move opponents as well, but artificially, not organically if that makes sense. Basically, ties that bind force you into a choice - move them for damage or use it as a long disable. Also, as I said earlier, Rampage lost many protection mechanics that allows him to run into a group of enemies and pull out the important target. C
  9. So first, I want to say that new Adrenaline looks great and I like a lot of changes. HOWEVER! What would you revert Rampage to his old ulti? The Chains that bind was a terrible skill and was countered way too easily. Any stun, mini, tablet, hex, sand scepter, etc. and it's wasted. There's a reason it was removed in the past - it didn't work. On one side, you're supposed to drag an opponent to do damage which means you can't auto-attack or stay in one place for your allies to attack the trapped opponent. On the other end, if you do want to auto-attack the opponent, or allow your lli
  10. There was a DC MOBA that was in beta, but was terrible and shut down. Likewise, HotS hasn't been doing well either. It's not about the characters, but marketing reach and strategy. LoL did a great job by making it completely free from the start and making money on cosmetics/meta abilities. By the time HoN realized this was the way to go, it was too late and their marketing really never stepped up.
  11. Because it would be overbalanced as a stat. Currently each stat gives 2 secondary enhancements: STR provides HP and HP Regen AGI provides Attack Speed and Armor INT provides Mana and Mana Regen If INT were to provide any further benefits by itself then the others would have to be rebranded as well.
  12. Sure, but at least both Succubus and Voodoo can position themselves defensively. Nitro has to literally follow their target around
  13. Played Nitro a couple times and I think I have a handle on his kit and the idea behind it, but I find him exceedingly weak: So Nitro is incredibly fragile and I feel like her stats still expect her to have a 1500 range and evasion. She now has neither and, especially with her Q, is expected to be up close harassing. This is incredible dangerous for her as her Q is not a deterrent in contrast to a hero such as Arachna, who's orb slows hard AND has a DOT. Q Nitro's Q is cheap and allows her to attack under a tower, through a creep wave, etc. However, the shrapnel left behind is very
  14. This may be a slight rage post, but I just got out of 3, in a row, where I was dealing with LA players who KSed constantly, stole picks and avoided AFK religiously, while contributing the equivalent of a mobile ward... though often when following someone else to steal their farm. I've seen this over and over in the past 10 years of playing HoN and yes, I know you can throw out buzzwords like cognitive bias or anecdotal evidence, but I see a lot of similar views on the forums and in-game. But on-topic - I see that there are LA servers and I know that the CIS region is region-locked to thei
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