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  1. Im Having this problem with Forsaken Archer and Devourer : Set-HeroAvatar: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. No idea why, this dosent happen with the other Heros if anyone has the solution to the problem it would be very useful, THANKS
  2. This game is worst than crack, im addicted, cant spend one day without playing it and ive already been 6 days or more, i cant count anymore, without playing for suspension, ive got a notification on the RAP system telling me this "your suspension ends 2021-05-07 15:37:30 EST" . The time has surpased and im still suspended, cant log in, please, give me my vitamine, give me my reason to live, give me back my account, let me play this magnificent nectar of the gods, unban me already, sweet mother teresa on the hood of a mercedes benz, im not a terrorist.
  3. i know, thats why i sayd only the first minutes alike, the terrain detail and texture.
  4. is it posible to get the ninja announcer pack?
  5. Im talking more about this, the first minute or 2
  6. Is there any terrain mods? I assume that only visual aestethics or diferent terrain details is the only thing that could be allowed, im not even sure if its alowed to play online servers with diferente terrain textures or trees, thanks guys
  7. This is a big shit hack we got here my dudes, i changed my mac, ipv4, ipv6 DNS, proxys.,.... u name it.... im still getting banned from HoN on w/e account i try to log in. Congratulations on losing all the confiance i had with this game since beta
  8. Hello, i dont know whats happening, but i cant log into any account, it says im suspended, and i go to the RAP and i have no tickets, something is wrong and i dont know, can anyone help me?
  9. Im sorry red bear, but i have no idea what to do..... thanks for trying
  10. but it dosent tell me where to find those archives and how to change it :S happens the same with solstice
  11. Hi, can u please fix Doctor repulsor animation with the Gamer Repulsor Skin? Thanks, if not if anyone knows how to fix the problem i apreciate it, also bubles is broken, u cant surf with the other skins!! ;D
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