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  1. I've really enjoyed the recent balancing from EU. That said, this is my least favourite patch in recent history. I feel like whilst you could make a case for all the nerfs, the patch overall is too nerf heavy.. where is the meta? For me personally it lacks excitement and brings many heroes and items back to average. Hon suffered for a long time in balancing to due to deliberate, preconceived ideas to create a meta around imbalanced heroes which was honestly unenjoyable to play.. I think this patch is too far in the other direction though - you still need strong heroes and items. It keep
  2. Quick question - how will the tournament cater for players in different timezones?
  3. Okay, thanks. I've lodged an inquiry already but wanted to be sure that was the correct way. If I don't hear anything in a few days I'll try reaching out directly. Cheers.
  4. Hi, Seeing an on-going issue where players are guilty of stat-manipulation, leaving their first 6 games. I've read other content here but still unclear as to where I should be going to report. Appreciate pointing me in the right direction/providing a link. Thank you.
  5. What servers will it be using? Is it restricted to EU? Will there be rules in respect to using the most appropriate server for the 2 teams i.e. EU team vs Australian team would be USW? Thanks.
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