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  1. Why should not I say his name? It's a GM.... My account is fine it's not the point. He was toxic about the fact I randomed and he cancelled the game for no reasons. That's all
  2. I am playing this game since 2011. I have over 4k games, including over 1k Mid Wars. This being said, I solo queued mid wars as usual. I get to be group with *censored* and two of his friends. After over 1k Mid Wars I am a bit bored of picking OP heroes, so my pleasure is to random every game and try my best with the hero I got. For me mid wars is a casual mode and not taking too seriously. It's not competitive, there isnt any ranking (despite there is an mmr now, which to me is useless to be shown) so I add this challenging aspect of random. I've been randoming on hundreds of
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