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  1. they are doing the wrong thing though. this is just antagonizing the players more than actually keeping more players satisfied
  2. Yeah we play competitively, all of us. But like why do they ruin everything by locking everything in. As if we have a huge scene of players. make it fun and listen to the community. How would we grow otherwise?
  3. I don’t really understand. Is this why we only have this banning mode? Isnt the majority casual players? This majority would love SD. Sad that we’ve come to a point that we only have one mode and too afraid to throw in SD.
  4. longer queue times? damn have u played dota or something else??? as long as you dont 5stack, you insta que on hon hhh
  5. what makes you say that merryhonmas
  6. yooo i cant believe this. this is the only thing im longing for <333 good old times. this is how i learned HoN.. with SD!!!!!!!!!!
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