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  1. As Ezill said, majority of the people playing the game are casual player? + is it demanding to have single draft up and running? and those who wants to play it can queue it? Really dont see a problem with having it available so the players can choose what to play. It wont affect anyone really, I mean its available in mid wars?
  2. Totally agree with you guys. I dont think it would hurt to just enable Single Draft. Single draft would probably have longer queue, but me personally wouldnt mind that. As you guys said, im so sick of these replay games where the same heroes get banned, and same 15-20 heroes gets picked every game. We need single draft
  3. if ur a noob yeah, doesn't mean it shouldn't be available for a player to choose.
  4. hahahah naa asked my friends to reply so we can get this shiiit going and MAKE IT HAPPEN!
  5. Am I the only one who wants single draft back as an alternative? GIVE US SINGLE DRAFT BACK AS AN ALTERNATIVE!!!!!!!!!
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