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  1. I found a setting in HoN that enables hero names over characters. THIS IS HUGE. I think in next patch this option should be set to default
  2. i8i


    what mmr range? bc i have an account at 1450, 1550, and 1700 and they are all 5 min queues
  3. i8i


    so you want even longer queue times?
  4. I would love HoN to gain traction and become more popular. Its a great game, always has been. Its smoother, and better balanced than dota. Actually when dota first came out, I could stand playing dota2, because everyone was so terrible, and the game ran like crap compared to hon. HoN is a great base game and has the potential to shine! With that said, I see one major issue which i believe lead to HoN's fallout. Alt avatars. I get it, they are cool af, and they also generate money. I have probably 4000 hours in this game, maybe more. I SOMETIMES DONT KNOW WHO THE F***** IM PLAYAING AGAIST.
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