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  1. I don't know about new forum thread...about creating new account you can't do it.
  2. Problem is from your side (pc) only there has nothing to do with HoN itself, change resolution, change scale and layout of applications.
  3. If match is remade nothing you can do about it, evidences are gone, a screenshot won't do much. When you encouter this all you need is to look at his stats ( recent matches and rank ). If is high or any rank and in his recent matches are the same ( leave ) report him in section Feeding / Stats manipulation with right description, also report him after he got terminated ( to be sure he won't come back ) Leaving in matches at beginning means he wants to lose his rank and is an offence ( permanent suspension )
  4. You didn't even read all his sentences > "i press hero to follow ally hero"
  5. Sharing accounts is against HoN TOS, you can be permanently banned. In your place i should stop.
  6. If you are legit afk 5 minutes you will be kicked by team vote, instead you right clicked another player, that is avoiding afk detection and that player who you followed you basically disabled him to play because he need to take "care" of you which is pretty annoying. If you won a game doesn't mean you are excused to be suspended ( if you were ) Nobody is forced to pause, that why is a No and Yes, it depends more on player choice ( to wait for you or not ), not forced.
  7. Update: Client is intalling 100% complete if you have winrar installed, not if you have 7zip installed. Doesn't make sense why but game installs just fine or was fixed when i updated this post.
  8. Hello, installer downloaded from hon official page is broken ( x64 version ) Problem explained and what tests i did. - Only on fresh install - After downloading all zip files ( dat.001 - 004 ), installer start to unzip them - When is finished ~50% of game files are missing ( all .exe files, direct x files) tested against full version, installer doesn't see any problem and delete the download files from first step after you click finish. Game don't start, if you start redownload it will end up in same position ( missing files ) Tests - Fresh install was tested on 5 different pc's w
  9. Returning player after 4 years surprised this game didn't die, doing first game in min 10 only 3 left to play in my team, after constant grieffiend and feed from theyr side. Ok i give another chance, joining another game, 3 fighting over mid lane, being toxic, another ruined game, did another game same story. People improved now, from toxicity and racism in chat moved on voice chat, same old grieffieng, crying and acting like kids...well that's is the curse of solo que, what i can say...solo players can't have fun in this game. Did last game today, was horrible experience with some racis
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