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  1. With the introduction of pinging, for example that you have this item delivered, that ability is off/on cool down I see no need for typing chat anymore. I’ve been thinking about this for some time and came to a conclusion that this is what I want to do. it only serves as a very negative place of energy with people bashing every move you do. I don’t want to have to ignore everyone every time I join a game, feels like a lot of work. Please, just let me disable the typing chat since there really is never anything positive being written there. I really hope there’s a solution,
  2. I’m interested in supporting HoN, but I just have a picture and some voice lines of how the avatar looks and behaves.
  3. Also show us who is premade in our team with a dot beside them or something?
  4. Some time ago, we could see how many players were playing; ingame.
  5. SOLVED: I started using ethernet cable instead of WIFI, and it works wonders!
  6. But my packloss is at 0.3%, and apparently that's pretty low. Whats you packet loss %?
  7. I played a midwards, but for some reason it didnt lag as hard (maybe i was lucky or somethign) but here's some shots i took, theres several errors and warnings in here. https://imgur.com/a/NY1rONr
  8. No. So its a connection problem? My Net drivers? What is your guess here? I can add, that i got a laptop as mentioned in the first thread post, so i play at different networks alot of times, same issue. My guess its on your end (servers), or might be a problem on my end? (but how is it possible) No other games are showing this issue.
  9. Hi again, i've made a video for you guys to see what im actually talking about. Dont forget to watch my character closely and you'll see that he is just jumping and hacking forwards alot of times. Some clips are more obvious then others. Heres the link PS: I know i dont have 200 fps as title says, but this was with recording so thats why my fps went down. However im sure its not a fps, ping or packet loss problem.
  10. Dont really gave a program for this obs maybe?
  11. no input lag, no delay on orders. But imagine the game hacking. I can add it’s only in hon this occurred. Not in Dota2 and not on league of legends.
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