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  1. There are games where i have someone on my team that legit does nothing but auto attack mobs. No abilities, No last hits, No communication, No assists. Just straight auto attack mobs. They end up going 0-15-0 just to que up again to do it all over again. And its not "oh they just had a bad game" I check their match history. These people have thousands of games played. Thousands of hours played. accounts that have been created for almost a decade. I just don't understand. I want to understand... what do these people look like? are they even human? Surely they cant be. they must be bots...
  2. A friend and myself are looking for more players to make a team for the tournament coming up. If you are interested in teaming up or adding some chill people to your friends list; let me know. Not expecting to win, but its gonna be a good time! I look forward to your whispers and playing together! REBIRTH OF HON BABY! Staryear420
  3. curious on this as well. If I recall there was a way to do it years ago
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