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  1. Hello, There will be a rant part and a suggestion part in this topic. Rant part: Every single HoN player has encountered a problem with griefers. A guy does not get the lane he wants - he ruins the game. Cancels your TP's, leaves you to die on purpose. Blocks your path, steals crepps etc. It doesn't matter what rank you play on. Bronze, silver, gold, diamond. Constant grief and troll fest. Sometimes i have three to four games in a row with someone griefing either at some point of the game or constantly. Why isn't HoN doing anything about it? I'm sick of reporti
  2. Heeelllllo there, lovely HoN community. I have encountered a HUGE problem. ALL of a sudden my game started freezing every time i use a spell with the AOE outline on it. The bigger AOE zone the bigger lag goes. Usually it takes about 4-10 second to unlag. The lag goes smaller if i keep using the skill or just spam and cancel it. Another thing that makes it freeze is putting something out of the inventory or changing item slots. Only laggs if i switch slots in the small ward backpack. Sometimes it'll freeze forever and i'll have to restart the game. Makes me furious. Fixes I've tried:
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