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  1. I have good ping and fps but I I feel get stack every object in the game in tree or stones make me do nothig and lose.
  2. VERV


    DESCRIPTION Passively grants 100 Attack Range to ranged heroes or unitwalking and 20 Movespeed to melee heroes. PASSIVE +30 Agility +30 Damage +20 Movement Speed +30 Attack Speed +33% Evasion SPECIAL EFFECTS +100 Attack Range for Ranged heroes Unitwalking and +10 Movement Speed for Melee heroes LORE Wingbows are the finest bows the Beast Horde ever crafted. Imbued with the blessings of each of the New Gods and pungent with oils and herbal decoctions, these weapons bestow amazing agility to one who wields them, such that his attacks will almost always go tr
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