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  1. Thats ok, i understood and i hope to find better players to play.
  2. Im wrong to post here, but i already report another racist guy on game and they dont ban him, thats insane on 2021.
  3. On the game a guy named was racist with me, call me black shanty town on mic, in minute 16:52 he call me monkey, in a bad way, he blame me to die and lose middle, i do not support this racist on game or bad guys, just watch replay with sound and will see this, and he was very agressive on mic, i hope someone can ban him and send a feedback, or explain why a racist have some space on HON. I said to him: i will report, and he said: ok, i can create another account and play again. And probably be racist again with another players, i dont concede because i think he need to learn to lose; thanks
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