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  1. Thx.. everything is ok now .. it works without problems
  2. dont work..i unninstal game and instal again but same error.. i delete Update folder but same error
  3. error downloading update Failed to open file: c:/Program Files/Heroes of Newerth x64/Update/game/textures.s2z/00000000/ui/fe2/elements/motd_ad2.dds.zip CFileManager::GetFile() [c:/Program Files/Heroes of Newerth x64/Update/game/textures.s2z/00000000/ui/fe2/elements/motd_ad2.dds.zip] - Could not open file [Updater] Error opening game/textures.s2z/00000000/ui/fe2/elements/motd_ad2.dds.zip for writing! [Updater] Retrying request, attempt 1 Can not delete :/Update/game/textures.s2z/00000000/ui/fe2/elements/motd_ad2.dds.zip (permission denied) [Updater] Starting download on ga
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