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  1. SOTM for Geomancer: it should also return E to have realtime sonar (as it was before nerfing)
  2. I noticed that sometimes I dont even have to stack 5 times to fulfill quest. You can check replay: 162462791. I was andromeda. After just one stack and 2 minutes of the game, I already had marked 5 stacks in quest.
  3. Hi, I noticed after last patch that when I stack, use hook or javelin, there is no data about it in chat log. Btw, I dont see new topic button in bugs subsection so I opened topic here.
  4. I totally agree. Support players have to be lucky in placement matches because they depend of how good carry is in their team. Plus, I noticed, especially at lower brackets that people dont know importance of support role or even if someone picks support,it is played very bad... Many people dont know how to stack, pull, lane control, not taking farm from carry, they dont buy wards, and even if they buy they put it in the forest to block their own camp And with this overal support nerfs, I can just imagine how many support players will stick to that role in next several months.
  5. I was always wondering why you have to ruin playing of support role... After all these updates I can say I only saw support nerfs... 1. In placement matches I have to depend on group 2. in lower brackets too 3. you raised cost of astrolabe, void, nerfed void, nerfed power supply, nerfed orb..... I really dont know what to say.... 4. nerfing support heroes that "were doing well"...
  6. So as support I cant go to maximum mmr if I just do regular support things?
  7. Dont tell me that they can't check if bots were in the game :D or if game lasted less than 15 minutes
  8. I dont know about you guys but I play public games twice a week with my friends... We have same teams each time and have our own results board + viber group where we discuss about previous games :) It is really fun if you can get a team to play against your friends :) I would just suggest some awards for playing public games like you have them in this Christmas period for tmm games (like 10 silver for the game, or 20 if you play with your friends) etc....
  9. I dont have a problem to consume it, I just ask is it possible not to break movement path with consuming.
  10. Hey ? Is there possibility for the next patch to fix consuming of Ophelia's Pact? Why hero has to stop to consume it? I almost always take quest and click to support to go somewhere, but as soon as I consume quest, hero stays at current position. Also, is there possibility to add on hover progress tracking of things that are finished in quest? for example wards 1/3 or camps 3/5 etc.....
  11. Hi guys, Several days ago, I played a game against Ra. There was interesting situation where he presed W (Ignite) and before explode, I used stormspirit on him, but that didnt prevent ra to explode, so I died because of that. Why stormspirit didint break loading of ignite?
  12. Guys, you rejected and closed this bug report but it is still happening (https://forums.heroesofnewerth.com/index.php?/topic/1244-engi-wrong-mine-selected-on-previous-unit/) (ElementUser, your screenshot is showing selection of hero+mine which is not case that I described) Maybe you didnt understand what is wrong. I have disabled "autoselect summoned units". So when I place mine, I use "select previous unit" to select last planted mine to trigger it. AND that works well in 90% cases.. BUT SOMETIMES, when I have 4 mines at one place and after a while I try in battle to plac
  13. I mapped tab to be prev unit selection (by default it is a shift tab) and in most cases it works well. But it happened a lot of times that prev unit selection is not selecting the mine that I planted millisecond ago, but the one on the other side of the map that is planted several minutes ago. Maybe the bug is not just related to engi but to previous unit selection itself. I can post replays if admins need them.
  14. When I place 4 mines at one spot and after a while when I place mine and try to trigger it fast with previous unit selection, it doesnt trigger last one, but one from the 4 mines I placed long time ago. It is really frustrating when I want to trigger last mine in teamfight
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