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  1. Hey Mango, A few things to check: 1. Are you on standard client or garena client? (The mod is known to be broken on garena. I have not had time to fix it there yet). 2. Are you using the latest version of the ModManager? Please download this version and give it a try: https://github.com/mrhappyasthma/Heroes-Of-Newerth-Mod-Manager/releases/tag/Latest 3. Do you have any manually created .s2z files in your HoN /game subdirectory?
  2. I just got pegasus boots in a game to try it out. And i noticed in the post game chat the item icon asset is missing. Screenshot: . Match ID: 161292512
  3. There are reports that this mod does not work correctly for garena clients. I suspect this may be because garena uses a different ranked stats table. I don't have a good way to test it myself, but ill try giving an updated version to someone in garena to see.
  4. You can file a bug report with information to reproduce the issue on the github page: https://github.com/Xen0byte/Heroes-Of-Newerth-Mod-Manager/issues
  5. To circle back to this topic, it does indeed seem like you cannot easily determine the actual values of the parameters. But here's some knowledge and debugging ideas to help future folks. Triggers may be triggered manually in UI code (packages, interfaces, Lua), but most of the time they are triggered by the Game Engine. For example, `LobbyPlayerInfo{index}` is one of these examples. However, particularly with the `newui` a lot of the network requests are done by "submitting a form". They configure a form that acts as an API endpoint to the HoN PHP API. A good example is `PlayerS
  6. The latest version is now published. It includes the match history!
  7. I have an open feature request for this, but a lot of my code is specific to the new UI so it would be a lot of work to port it to the old UI as well: https://github.com/mrhappyasthma/HoN-Ranked-Quickstats-Tooltips-Mod/issues/2 Since I primarily use the new UI, i'm looking to get it 100% functional there before considering backporting it to the old UI as well.
  8. Released v0.2. This fixes two issues: - Hero icons now all appear correctly. - Hovering over the stats button now works properly during the banning phase of the game. I also believe I have an idea on how to grab the recent matches. So that may be coming soon!
  9. (This is the latest release, including all updates up until this point.) I also fixed an issue with HoN Mod Manager not properly writing Lua files, which prevented mods from editing Lua files without issue. Latest release: https://github.com/mrhappyasthma/Heroes-Of-Newerth-Mod-Manager/releases/tag/Latest Direct download link: https://github.com/mrhappyasthma/Heroes-Of-Newerth-Mod-Manager/releases/download/Latest/HoN.Mod.Manager.zip
  10. I fixed the issue with the C# HoN mod manager. You need to download the latest version that contains the fix: https://github.com/mrhappyasthma/Heroes-Of-Newerth-Mod-Manager/releases/tag/Latest
  11. This mod still has a lot of issues, but it's functional to some degree. If anyone wants to try it out and give feedback (or if any developers want to help me fix some of the issues), that would be great. For a full list of known issues, see the README: https://github.com/mrhappyasthma/HoN-Ranked-Quickstats-Tooltips-Mod/blob/main/README.md#known-issues NOTE: This MUST be installed using the Java 'All-in-one' mod manager or the latest release of the C# HoN Mod Manager. Download the .honmod file: https://github.com/mrhappyasthma/HoN-Ranked-Quickstats-Tooltips-Mod/releases/downlo
  12. This just seems to show usages of the trigger as a `watch`. It doesn't show where the underlying trigger is triggered from (or at least a `grep` didn't turn up anything meaningful for me). And it also didn't help identify what each `paramX` represents. I was hoping to figure out how to determine those.
  13. @Anakonda- Thanks for filling in some of the blanks. How were you able to determine these? Just reverse engineering? I'd love to identify the list of available watches from the system and document their parameters. As this would allow for much more innovative mod creation. There is a very stale and incomplete list that I salvaged from the old wiki: http://web.archive.org/web/20150314214322/http://honwiki.net/wiki/XAML_reference#Full_Lists. But I'm not sure the best way to fill in all the missing pieces.
  14. The 'update mod' functionality of the pinned release is broken. This has been fixed in the latest release. See below for the link.
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