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  1. Feel free to critique….. I have more ideas/concepts but they need polishing up first.
  2. Simply put, you get double lives? If that’s the case then what happens when players buy restoration stone on Circe?
  3. You need to explain this much better. I didn’t understand anything. Thanks.
  4. Circe OPTION 1 Doppelganger - reduce mana cost to 60 at all levels and reduce cooldown by 2 seconds. Illusions damage output increased to 40%. Twisted Visage - now roots targeted enemy hero for full channel duration. OR OPTION 2 Twisted Visage - Target an enemy hero to root and channel for 2 seconds, creating 2 controllable illusions of the target that disappears after 20 seconds and deal 50% of the target’s damage. After channeling completes, you become a copy of the enemy hero including items and abilities for 20 seconds. While in this form, you deal 70 / 85 / 100% da
  5. MerryHONmas are you high? This thread clearly states….. - Does buying Staff of the Master nullify the hero's weakness?- Does buying Staff of the Master enable the hero to reasonably play a different playstyle?- Is Staff of the Master good enough to be considered 100% mandatory? If it is, there is likely a problem in your suggestion.- Is it worth picking up Staff of the Master as a first core item? Or is it more suitable for a second/third core item?- If an ally gives you the Master's Legacy boost, will it be worth it for them to dump +2500 Gold into it?- Is it worth picking up Staff
  6. Night Hound Invisibility(R) becomes an activatable ability. Upon activating invisibility Night hound targets an enemy using smoke bomb with 100% effectiveness and pounce with 50% effectiveness which in turn procs backstab at 50% effectiveness all while he remains invisible. Activating invisibility triggers both smoke bomb and pounce to go on cooldown for 2 seconds. Mana cost : 0 Cooldown : 30 secs
  7. What do you think of the changes above ElementUser?
  8. Pearl Every time a bubble pops, it stuns the enemy for 1.25 seconds. When asphyxiate pops, the enemy is stunned in the same AOE. when whirl bubble pops, enemies caught in it is stunned in an AOE. When Preservation pops, enemies in it are stunned. Gravekeeper Every corpse that gravekeeper throws comes alive for 5 seconds as an uncontrollable zombie that follows and attacks it’s target. Zombie Health - 300 Damage - 23-34 Armor - 0.8 Movement Speed - 300 Attack Speed - 0.72 Corpse toss creates a zombie every time it hits a
  9. The current version of Riptide underperforms in most cases and surviving a team fight is a rare occurrence hence the reason I propose him be reworked. I really like the concepts of the hero but I honestly believe the execution to be haphazard, Riptide has a lot of potential to be a more substantial carry that actually survives team fights. Riptide Rework Proposal Hero Stats Health : 492 Dmg : 48 - 52 Mana : 205 Armor : 3.0 Advanced Hero Stats Strength : 17 (+2.0) Intelligence : 17 (+2.0) Agility : 22 (+2.2) Ra
  10. I agree with tazmohanna, if you guys can rotate the different game modes ever so often, it would be nice. E.g Keep midways as a constantly available game mode and have one of the other game modes listed above as an option once every 2 weeks or a month.
  11. Taliesin, The Cursed Bard (Ranged Intelligence Hero) Hero Stats Health : 492 Dmg : 42 - 48 Mana : 205 Armor : 1.8 Advanced Hero Stats Strength : 15 (+1.8) Intelligence : 21 (+2.0) Agility : 17 (+1.6) Range : 600 Attack Speed : 0.68 Movement Speed : 295 (Q) - Rhythm Of The Drum (W) - Echo Echo (E) - Lethal Melody (R) - Amplify
  12. I like Alaska’s Q and E. His E is basically the same as Gillegard’s E. The W doesn’t seems to be much different from Guantlet’s hooking ability(correct me if I’m wrong). Finally the R seems generally misplaced to me and isn’t much different from Flux’s ultimate to be honest. Trojan seems fun(all-round) and intricate to play. He also gives me Oogie vibes.
  13. Chaos Magique (Ranged Agility Hero) Hero Stats Health : 492 Dmg : 54 - 60 Mana : 208 Armor : 2.0 Advanced Hero Stats Strength : 18 (+1.6) Intelligence : 16 (+2.1) Agility : 22 (+2.9) Range : 500 Attack Speed : 0.71 Movement Speed : 305 (Q) - Magique Shot He can spam projectiles similar to his auto-attack to deal damage and apply buffs/debuffs. (W) - Judgement Mark Marks an enemy he wants to focus to increase damage output potential. (E) - Hat
  14. > I also apologies if I came off as hostile or offensive at any point, I speak very direct most of the time. > Thank you for taking the time to make suggestions, I really appreciate it. They seem really well thought out. > In terms of being 'technical', I encourage you to be vocal where it concerns my ideas/concepts. I'm all about self-improvement and learning from my mistakes is a good way for me to do that. > I don't mind you doing your own version of one of my concepts. P.S. I'd like to make the changes myself and present an improved rendition of my concepts, how
  15. Honestly, the only way I know how to get that kind of information is to ask persons such as yourself but I don’t want to be a bother. Also I’m not here to make the perfect hero, I’m simply brainstorming and exploring new ideas for heroes that I think would make the game more fun. So all the logistics and mechanics in the behind the scenes isn’t really my strong point or focus. In any case, no matter how perfect of a hero I create, it would still have to be tested etc. My point is, no matter what hero I think up or spell I create, there would always be some kind of adjustment/development n
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