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  1. Would be nice if people stated their MMR before complaining so we could maby understand why you would think the queues are long. i would think Legendary/immortal players have long queues im 1700+ and have no problem with queues on EU would say about 5 minutes queues for me. Maby more at late hours or early hours but thats understandable
  2. Would love seeing more diversity in hero picks in my games
  3. Okay this sounds weird how can you detect the same player apart from IP?
  4. People get banned all the time. But people just make a new account all the time aswel making report none effective. Honestly this whole report system is a joke. So many admins are wasting their time in these reports banning people who will just make a new account or rather log into one of their 10 other accounts. whats the point? Im sure admins times could be used for somthing more productive. There is an option to mute people in this game. How about you just use that instead of counting on reports that are not going to help your game. The mute feature is the only thing that WILL hel
  5. You have probably left alot of matches in a row for this to happen
  6. If you cant handle the heat get out of the bakery. You have to have skin like Iron to play this game and rank up
  7. I never suggested anything about balance this is purely about the fun factor. The Aprils fools joke that was implemented i noticed alot of new heroes getting picked in my matches and that was fun for everybody.
  8. I was thinking each player should get to choose 1 hero to ban. So in total 10 heroes gets banned each game
  9. Like the title says let us have more heroes to ban in regular match making. I think this would make games more fun when people dont pick the same meta heroes every game.
  10. IBM after ofshoring everything to india to pay them pennies
  11. Hmm I actually think this is pretty cool and it would be more fun looking forward to the levels above 16 if you had these 3 optional traits you could choose from. But i feel like these traits would mostly benefit carries. how many times do you propose we would get to choose from these traits? from 16-25? Or only lvl 17-20-23?
  12. Interesting staff idea but the scaling seems off as you would get the staff after the PK charlice and boots. which would make you aquire the staff roughly at 30 min? 30 mins into the game is 150 dmg per sec steambath going to make a 4200g investment worth it? I dont think so. My idea for a staff effect would be Giving his Q two charges. It would be intense and fun. but probably too overpowered.
  13. Interresting take on Midas. I think what you are discribing was how he was ment to be played to begin with. But now that he is a Int hero hes in a spot where he is quite useful at times. I dont think midas NEEDS this change but its interresting none the less
  14. actually this is nice keep it like this
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