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  1. EasyWinEasy


    Its a shame you put so much effort into writing somthing that has so little meaning. The whole thing is all over the place, are you suggesting somthing or are you asking questions or are you looking for feedback. I cant tell
  2. Gonna be fun when the team spams the "ward here" emotion when im support with barely any g
  3. Well written and i agree in everything you said.
  4. Allmost tempted to take on the offer. Im not that tech savy but if anything then a (new location/new device/new wifi/ new clean email with no ties to previous) Should do the trick but yeah kinda sweaty.
  5. thats why new players play midwars its really not that complicated
  6. which is why we should host our own games with MMR being implied in those. The player base is so small atm anyway that we each know eachother someone with a bad rep would instantly get kicked from the lobby
  7. Make staff give gim the current staff effect as a sub skill as w3wstarboy suggested. Atm this SoTM effect is lame as hell
  8. oh you dont buy the spell queue thingy didnt read that first ^-^
  9. i think he just puts his spells on a queue with shift or is it alt cant remember
  10. I think 50 midwars before being allowed into Matchmaking is fair and good for new players
  11. I think if we changed the components for this item it could be worth picking up. If it was a build from a series of cheaper items then supportish heroes would have the option to pick it up. Im thinking -1 amulet of Exile- 1 Ringmail- 1 Arcana- 1 Ring of the teacher - + the recipee. Around3k g
  12. Look up my banned account named Nutsy Does this look like someone who intentionally is stat manipulating?
  13. Trust me if i was being banned for somthing i did wrong then i would not make a big deal out of but this is absurd
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