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  1. I don't think it's a server issue tbh. I can hear people via voicechat in maybe 20% of my games without changing anything in the settings. However, my teammates can apparently communicate via voice chat. Am I experiencing a different type of bug? x64 client EU servers Last match I was able to hear my team: 161583300 Last match I was not able to hear my team: 161583559
  2. I dont wanna argue with that but isn't the item more favorable on AGI heroes because it gives agility stats? I don't see a reason why that should be the case.
  3. Iron shield is a great early game item. However, it is questionable if you want to pick it up on STR or INT heroes. What do you guys think of having three shield versions, which have the same blocking properties but each go with the corresponding stats? In terms of items required you would just swap out the duck boots for crushing claws or mark of the novice.
  4. Heroes and player controlled creeps can get stuck at this edge in the legion base. I have had it happening a few times when sending the creep from the well to the legion ancients. Can be replicated by using direct pathing to walk into the pillar.
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