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  1. Lunarios got me in my feelings man..
  2. Thank you for taking the time to reply and interact with the community, it's actually very appreciated. I'm not suggesting old E implementation, I'm suggesting old R, with no damage (or barely any) reduction, and extra damage, and for an (obviously) low duration. Pair that with a hefty (yet acceptable) ulti cd, in combination with making his early game presence healthy and not too strong, could be a possibility to fix the hero, as it's just weird right now and the old drunken master was both very viable and required at least some skill. (Again, 3.9.0 DM is the closest we got to my suggest
  3. And to emphasize, behe fissure block is NOT a gimmick, it's a necessary feature that allows the hero to do what it does, and having boosted dual lanes and nerfed suicides very hard with the introduction of the medium pull in addition to orb of zamos, a weak laning suicide hero (yet one of the most noteworthy ones that comes to mind when mentioning the role) like behemoth would suffer far too much from a change like this, damaging its already-hard-struck viability in the suicide lane. -palestine
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