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  1. Hi! So voip chat is not working. Any idea as to why that? HoN detects voip when testing and Windows, Discord etc. can hear my voice from mic loud and clear. But I can't hear other players voip and other players can't hear mine. Voip is enabled and sound is being played back in speakers from HoN... Any tips would be appreciated. /Benny
  2. I'd like to suggest a new mode: - no jngle heros allowed! /Benny
  3. Hi! How can I search for another players guide that is not private? The guides only preview 10-15 guides or so... BR Benny
  4. Hi GM Is there a tool that is available for players, that can parse/read match logs? /BlameBenny
  5. Please ban this guy, ffs! 2 matches in a row, he goes random, goes mid, dies once and then leaves the match. Check these 6 matches and a clear pattern emerges.
  6. To whom it may concern. Could you please fix this server? It is lagging like crzy... BR
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