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  1. MatchMaking removed due to low player count which resulted in unbalanced games. All games are now played through Public Games.
  2. I got excited about donations when they said they were working on a solution to increase account value so people wouldnt make new accounts. But never heard of any progress and I guess with it went the excitement. Even if they do spend money on marketing the game has a such a huge learning curve and basically no tutorial. And without a proper tutorial for a game such as this the people who are interested, in my opinion, soon lose it because the game is too difficult to learn and community unforgiving. Pair that with instant access to MatchMaking and you got yourself players who just uninstall s
  3. Also, enemies gain vision of you when you taunt them. There has been a few instances where I taunt someone from the fog, ready to nuke them down but they do 180 as soon as I taunt. No more mistakes like this
  4. Hey! So my problem is as follows: I have really unreliable wifi connection, meaning it sometimes just disconnects and it takes about 30seconds to reconnect. Thats why I sometimes use mobile hotspot to play the game. I usually use Wifi to queue, once I have found the game I just connect to mobile hotspot and play the game. Thing is, there are times I change to mobile hotspot and I can´t reconnect to the game, I try "reconnect" in console but it just thinks a little and says no response from server. But if I connect back to wifi it finds the game and I can reconnect.
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