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  1. And the level of leaver? There may be no penalty but if you log out and there are 4 even the leaver level increases
  2. I do not understand why when someone is disconnected at the beginning of the game or is afk and we are 5v4, the teams are asked to redo the game and they just do not do it and then at that moment another decides that it is automatically lost and we are now 5v3. This happens to me 4 out of 5 games that I am already playing, that is really annoying, it is very annoying because there is no good experience already, they want to upload mmr at the cost of playing 5v3 which seems unfair to me. I propose that after 3 minutes if 4 of the 5 participants are disconnected or this afk the game is remade and if at 5 minutes 3 of the 5 participants are connected, the game will be remade. Seriously, it is too frustrating to see how one loses because simply one of those decides to leave or simply does not want to play anymore, I know that there is an immediate penalty for those who leave afk but I do not understand why they practically force us to play 15 minutes to grant and that the other teams get their free mmr
  3. Thanks for answering, I was waiting for the answer to see if my idea was implemented or not to invest haha
  4. The game has not changed because they announced more than a year ago that they were not going to launch more alt avatars or announcers or things for the game, I imagine that because they are understaffed and it is difficult to maintain a game like that with little staff, they must invest to get new avatars and with little staff because it is difficult I understand them and I am still playing. There are many people in the community who are not toxic, I now recommend to my friends who have returned to HoN that they always play in a group so that they do not get toxic or trolls and it can be better and it is even more fun, you can find someone in the forums to be able to play without having to face the flamers, toxics and trollers
  5. Well I am Latino and I usually play on US servers, I apologize to those who resent them and that is that on my server, the Latin American server has a higher ping than the US, and my games are also ruined as much For Latin Americans, as well as for Americans, also for Russians, I really don't think it is the region because I have understood very well playing with Americans, some are very nice and others are a bit racist, there are just people who are like that and want to ruin games or They do not understand the dynamics of the game or they have not played HoN for a long time and that is why they are so bad, in what seems to me it would be good then that they divided the game as in 2012, where there was only a server with Latinos. It would be good then that HoN was with Axexo5 who was the one who in his time gave the space to play only in Latin America if it bothers them so much. Personally I would like to, there is too much racism in this game since they happened to play with Americans and I could pay in my local currency.
  6. I really did not know that you could do that with EW, thank you very much for the tip and I support your idea. Add more dynamism to the hero, maybe people will choose more enginer
  7. Well what I do is with the tab key switch to the last mine that I put and then press E to explode it, but if I think it is a good idea to have a direct command to explode the direct mine without having to change with tabulation
  8. I suggest you enter the game and have that experience of seeing how items are purchased and then for new players or players who still do not have the ability to buy items, it is complicated, not the proposal is not implemented, so elementuser said that the movement modifiers will not return and also that the patches arrive every month, so I do not know if they take it into account or something like that, although I think not because elementuser already said no.
  9. No, I'm sure that in-store group of motion modifiers existed, HoN game almost since launch. But hey it's time to stop looking at the past and that is that I have thought a lot about my proposal and I have improved it, it could be done as a sub-group within the attack modifiers and it is that this proposal I have thought is for new players or for players who have not yet fully understood the dynamics of the game and do not know how to arm themselves. I will start first with the subgroup of Lifesteal modifiers, in this group the elder parasite would enter, along with whispering helm and abyssal skull, taking into account that whispering helm is part of symbol of rage and the latter if it is an attack modifier the previous ones are not, but I should clarify it in the store. The next subgroup would be the lightning modifiers, in that subgroup would be Hypercrown and thunderclaw, the latter being hypercrown and should be marked with an arrow to say that this is like the evolution of thunderclaw so to speak. The next subgroup would be the non-cumulative attack modifiers which are the rest of the remaining modifiers that should not be accumulated but still continue to be bought together and some accumulate.
  10. I agree with this, it would be very good because it has always happened to me that someone is wrong and then I find him in the same game and in my team.
  11. Before, a long time ago I do not remember when, there was a space in the store with items that were called movement modifiers and I know that I am sure that they existed because Elementuser told me in this same thread that they would not return. What do I refer to with the movement modifiers and is that you are right in what it says and that is that the name is wrong, but I do not disagree with the group that had these three items and even if I am not wrong it was also void talisman within that group, it seems to me that it is good because you can make a combination between elder and any of the other attack modifiers and also because at that time you cannot use void talisman with elder, nor shrunken head with elder. It is from what I see, many players use these combined and they do not realize that the damage does not accumulate and in addition to this I continue to see that although it does not accumulate if it can be combined in some cases and that is confusing for many players because the They are still buying that is what I mean maybe if they had a different grouping the players would realize that in reality that damage does not accumulate and you cannot use a frostburn with a shieldbreaker. Basically, my goal with this thread is for those items to be grouped together again and well, at the moment I can't imagine a name for these, but they cannot be used together as mentioned above and that there is actually a block for attack modifiers, because I still see attack modifiers combining them thinking they are stackable.
  12. Ya respondieron a esa pregunta en anteriores hilos dijeron que no por la forma en como se esta generando HoN en el momento, es difícil para HoN porque tienen poco personal que les colabore con esas cosas
  13. Yo juego con ese ping todo el tiempo, tanto en latinoamerica como en eu, es dificil bajar ese ping incluso con un internet bueno, creo yo que es mas cuestion de los servidores. Recuerda que aun no han establecido los foros para latinoamericanos entonces debes poner en ingles los foros para que te ayuden
  14. I imagine that one of the problems in HoN is the economic problems and I have seen that many of the online games of any game mode to collect those funds use a battle pass, I am very good for HoN as new players are coming by this from quarantine. I have thought of that option of a battle pass with levels that contain merrick chests and that initially give away the most basic avatars and that also contain plinko tickets and that disable them in the hero advances and as they go up, give away avatars of much more beautiful and expensive heroes. This battle pass could be costing between 20 and 30 dollars and I am sure that many would buy, I would buy it and help HoN a lot. I only bring ideas to help this game that I love and well if it is not taken into account then I will continue to give ideas to help the game
  15. Is that that's what I mean to many attack modifiers and sometimes I see that they all work together and sometimes not and I really liked it much more when the elder, the shrunked head and the sword that steals mana (I don't remember the name well at this time) they were called movement modifiers and were apart from attack modifiers, for example the shrunken I don't see it modifying a character's attack as such since it blocks magic damage. Also I see many players use elder and frostburn or any of the swords use them at the same time and the modifiers accumulate, so I don't know why they are grouped
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