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  1. For a long time I wanted to make a tier list, thank you very much for showing me the program, although I don't know how to publish it :c
  2. I think you are being a bit exaggerated, I use a lot of skrap in ranked and it seems to me an excellent supp and pusher, I feel that if it were raised to the level of experience by Paper Morsels, it would be broken, the fact that you can slow down, stun, heal And it is also an excellent tank if you know how to put it together, I don't think it is subject to buffeting. The number of times I have saved the game is uncountable because we have no rax and the vorax helps me defend that line. It's just an opinion, for me it's fine.
  3. It's true, I just won two games and he did not tell me the mmr, please solve this
  4. I agree with tusk, the truth is that most of us Latinos played on NA servers and even when I went to play on Latin servers my ping got worse compared to NA servers. It seems to me that what would attract more to the Latino community are avatars and advertisers related to the Latino community or even events or the same forums in Spanish or Portuguese, that the Latino community has a little more prominence within HoN, but then everyone we know how complicated that is.
  5. I like the idea of the guessing game about the patch, it gives as a certain mystery about what we will see: D
  6. But it is that the disadvantage that they gave to SB is too much, it is not comparable with those disadvantages, at least with devo it can be counteracted, but if you are following someone with SB, it is logical that he will escape is too slow
  7. You already have so many avatars that you don't know which one to choose, it would be nice to be able to have an option where a random avatar was chosen in each game, it is not a suggestion that definitely changes the game or something like that but it would be great to have that option. It could also be done for taunts and annunciators, so as not to be changing them manually
  8. If you see the store, you can see that they obtained several of those franchises so to speak, several of which are not seen in other games, such as the announcer of samuel l jackson, the sailor moon skins and other anime, what he said It's hard to demand HoN right now. There is even a reference to the avengers in some old avatars as well, but it is that you must understand that the game is on standby and many of us hope that it will come back with force and take players from dota and lol and start taking skins as it was doing, also a new season of with, but that is frozen for the moment
  9. I really miss the increase in silver that occurred in the HoN anniversary, it would be good if he came back, could it be for being the mvp of a game to get that silver bonus? or for having a winning streak? or maybe I don't know about playing more than three times in a row obviously in ranked.
  10. One would like at this time many things for heroes of newerth, but it is understood that for monetary reasons it is difficult for many things to come back that they had before, what I have thought to help HoN to have bigger players can be a group or page in Facebook, that can incentivize people to go to HoN and try it but it is complicated because it also needs people or something that actually helps new players learn to play because the game is actually much more difficult that LoL and obvious HoN is much better but being more aggressive because people get tired of losing. I think you ha
  11. I am not saying that, I am just saying that with a game you cannot change the world, you cannot only with rewards make people behave well, because they are simply trolls and they like trolling, to tell you about an experience I had yesterday, I I play with an NH in my team and he started to follow me, taking away my exp and gold, what does one do in those moments, if it is known that he is lost, you start to argue with him, you get angry, you get angry and the troll is happy because you fell into his game, I'm sure that person will not change because they give him 500 silver or an announcer.
  12. I understand the person who created the thread and is right on several points, but you cannot change the community with rewards as if they were small children, man we are generally older, almost all of us are adults and if they cannot behave then simply You report them and you follow them, they have touched me with many trolls and they have discriminated against me in many ways for being Latino, but what I do is silence them and I enjoy my game, I know it is annoying I understand it but people take advantage of those rewards at all times. The ones you are talking about just to behave well and
  13. Usually i play support and obviously i have a kd below 0.8 and they start to flare, i would love to see this option in hon
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