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  1. so hopefully this problem is fixed because there are some people who do play public games like 2v2 or 3v3 and when i try to join it sometimes happen that i cant join at all and get no response from server i play on EU region servers, Yours truely, ~ CasterHon ~
  2. there is, but you go to the donation page and see it for yourself. have a look!
  3. hey there, love what you bring up on the content table of HoN. make hon a better then ever and hope new stuff will be implemented to this fantastic moba! also, i'm looking forward for this support donation reach its goal. Best of luck to you
  4. this is just me saying my thanks to frost burn that managed to keep this old gem alive. and quite frankly i am surprised it lived this long. so for the honour (no puns intented) of the games celebration I have donated $30 to support you guys for years to come! and hope this game can still hold on for another decade! making it 20th HoNniversary! if that time comes. your loyal player ~casterhon~
  5. it never crossed my mind on how up hill miss works until now. if any of you could explain to me how does up hill misses work? is it RNG or is it vision related? does true strike counter this feature? would greatly appreciate on how this all works, cause its really lucky or annoying to get misses uphill and lost a kill or get lucky getting away alive. thanks! your average newbie ~me~
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