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  1. Havent you had plenty of game (especially in midwars) when you have all those and want MORE POWER?
  2. Well, you are right about the Kongor buff, but thats for mellee as well, it's just all round. As to magic armor reduction, no they don't but there is the corrupted sword. and giving flat +40 magic dmg would be too strong for some casters and too weak for others. Hence the suggestion of one possibility. In conclusion, there is no NEED for any items in particular but I thought it be a fun addition. I mean corrupted swords are barely used in most games so I wouldn't call them necessary but it's fun that they are there in the off chance you might need it. (running out of item slots but still
  3. Also if any of the staff or moderators see this, I just want to point out that they have Frostburn as their icon and not dawnbringer, so it seems they are not yet top tier.
  4. Maybe corrupted wand? Increases magic dmg done or reduce magic armour or something? XXX
  5. Hahahaha Yeah, I got freaked out too for a sec when I read the announcement. Good joke!
  6. Hahaha, So much chaos yeah that map is waaay to small for this xD
  7. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA its the famous Youtuber TobakaZ and he responded on my thread!!! :D:D Hey keep those vidz up, I love em, and if you ever want someone to play, add me: DjuKeD.
  8. That'be allot of fun and chaos im sure! idk if 25v25 is possible with the current get up. but could you imagine the chaos xD?
  9. Awesome! thanks allot for your reply and time - also if you need help with something let me know. Also would you want me to make/mod a map for that? And I wont spam tag anymore I promise.
  10. I hope well get to seriously debate about what needs rebalancing and what not at some point in the future. As for your curiousity: I'm a sales consultant with around 10 years of experience. So my strategy would be roughly the following: Starting a kickstarter/crowdsourcing and or a fundme campaign. Contacting streamers who have at one point streamed HoN to help out. (Raising awareness). Contacting other (big) players in the gaming scene to see if they can and want to help out. Contacting other investors and pitching the potential to them. I
  11. Also I'd like to add. I dont think the game needs to be rebalanced. just a bigger map more objectives and neutrals and just start balancing and tweaking from there.
  12. @ElementUser Sounds very do-able, I feel confident I can scrounge 50k at least 25k together for the re-inventing of MOBA's with a 10v10 mode.
  13. Yeah, this is why I offered to do some crowdfunding or fundraising. I'm very invested in HoN personally and i'm not in and of a mind to let it slide into oblivion. I don't think HoN needs to die out and I think the state the game is in right now is a very good one, it's way more fun than LoL or Dota 2 the only "problem" is that it's not "mainstream" and misses the revenue stream of a big(ger) player base. Hence my idea to reinvent it in a way and doing something no one else has done to attract new players and reinvent the game (not the essence or gameplay because I love it how it is
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