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  1. I just played Succubus and had nothing but striders 40 minutes into the game. All I did was ward, stack creeps, and buy dust. And I was still doing good, had a positive kill death ratio, lots of assists, saved allies several times. Kind of annoying when I stack creeps for my allies for 40 minutes then they complain I don't have any items... So yeah, why don't they get rid of the item then? What's the point of nerfing something to where it doesn't work?
  2. Can someone explain the reasoning behind the design change? Specifically, the .25 gold gained when killing a non-player controlled unit. I thought the whole idea of this item was so you can play a support and stack creeps, then follow somebody and still acquire gold. But what would be the point of having this item now? Seems close to useless.
  3. Plague rider Polywog priest Hellbringer Succubus
  4. So if I set Control Modifier in the controls menu to a different key (the side button on my mouse) it doesn't work even though it shows up as MOUSEX1 on the menu. I thought it was a problem with my mouse but I tried setting control to the space bar and it still doesn't work. For example when playing Hellbringer I like to bind my hero to #2 and Malphas to #1 so I have control of both. Rather than reaching for the control, which is in an awkward spot on the keyboard, I wanted to bind it to my mouse side button but can't do it.
  5. I like the barbed armor change. You couldn't really use it before with any other armor on your character because it wouldn't return much, all you could do is get it with a heart or strength items. Now you could use it with just about anything, much more versatile.
  6. For the second time my computer crashed and by the time I was able to reboot and get back on, I had already been kicked and lost 10 mmr. I think it takes about four minutes to reboot and reconnect, can't we give it enough time so I can rejoin the game when this happens?
  7. One thing I think that's helped me is if I think a team will be toxic, meaning they don't call their lanes or show their picks, then they like to wait until the last second and pick something stupid, I just pick a jungler. That way I don't have to put up with people, I can just farm and still take over sometimes even if my team feeds. I've been winning most my games with Keeper of the Forest, I can usually pull it off even when my team starts getting crushed, just a portal key and staff, get some good ults and it's over.
  8. Would be nice if there was a way to unignore someone in either their profile or your match history. The reason is I usually put my teammates on ignore during a game, I see no reason looking at all the spam on the chat, it's just a distraction. But sometimes at the end of the match I forget to take them off ignore then if I am ever on their team again I can't see which lanes they are calling.
  9. I've seen this happen a few times where you have a player that enters the game then disconnects within the first few seconds of the picking stage. Then you'll remake the game and find that same account doing the exact same thing the next game, so you have to remake it again. There's no way to report the person and it doesn't count as a disconnected game so they can keep doing it. I'm thinking someone made a bot to do this and it's not even a person, very annoying.
  10. I played Blacksmith in a half hour game once and never saw the multicast kick in, made me feel kind of useless. I agree there needs to be a way to make it proc if you are having bad luck.
  11. This has been happening ever since I started playing the game. It just turns into a bunch of dots at random and makes it very hard to see where my pointer is. Sometimes I have to back out and wait for the arrow to come back.
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