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  1. Did anyone ever think about doing other stuff besides playing games?
  2. Yup, no advertising, horrible RAP system ruined this game. Too bad they went through all that work to build a game then destroyed it with a few bad decisions, oh well.
  3. I think HON is the best moba too but they did too many dumb things. They allow too many trolls, if someone spams the chat and flames their own team the entire game, purposely blocks his own ancients with wards, and then rage quits half way through, that's perfectly o.k. I reported a guy for this and they responded back saying he didn't do anything wrong. If they want people to troll the game this way then how would they expect people to want to play? And why the heck would anyone want to pay for a game with this kind of garbage? So I'm not surprised at all this game is coming to an end.
  4. Not really, people are making new accounts all the time to get into a Silver I rank and troll. Silver I can be paired with 1700 players. Maybe if you are 1800 or above then you can avoid the trolls but very few people can make it that high. I've seen that a couple of times too, Night Hound doesn't learn smoke then just sits invis and kill steals resulting in a for sure loss. Not sure if I call that trolling, maybe he thinks it's strategy, a really bad strategy. But they should at least drop him 50 mmr and get him in the bronze bracket where he belongs.
  5. Admin said I was the first to complain about smurfs doing the opposite, playing in a higher rank than they actually are. But from what you're saying and from what I've been seeing it's happening all the time! I keep seeing accounts with only a few games on them come in and troll. They've even got it down and figured out ways they can troll without being reported and banned. They'll flame the chat then teleport to someone elses lane and start pushing it, then they die and feed and do it all over again. I'm not sure if I have a solution but I think it was better how they did it before. You
  6. Oh people complain, maybe not to you but they do in the game. There's one guy that plays Engineer and keeps blindly pushing lanes with no wards so he just keeps getting ganked. He can't figure out what he's doing wrong so he goes about 2/15 kills to deaths each game, he only ever gets a kill when someone runs into his mines. He doesn't like being dropped in rank so he makes a new account to get back to a Silver I, really annoying. One of the match I.D's is 162100082 if you wanted to check it out. He's easy to recognize because he uses the voice chat a lot. I don't mind if he plays just k
  7. Hon is a good game but how do people put up with the trolling? I think it's time for me to quit. I know they try to control the trolling with their report system but it's just not enough. All of my RAP reports have been getting rejected with no explanation. I usually only report racist remarks or when someone sits behind the well afk. Also, people troll the middle all the time which can't be reported, some guy dies in his lane so he immediately teleports mid and starts pushing the lane resulting in a loss of both his lane and mid. People are making new accounts every five games to keep them at
  8. I've asked for this change too and got no response. Yes it's very annoying when this happens, they can make it show you who is muted or make it so the mute simply doesn't apply on the picking phase
  9. Tried another game as Gladiator vs. Riptide, still couldn't beat him, can't seem to do it with Gladiator. Another game I tried Lord Salforis vs. Riptide and crushed him easily, Q + W damn near kills Riptide mid. Thanks for the help guys.
  10. I see your point but my friend made it to 1800 MMR solo queing playing mostly Plague Rider. I don't see him as being a low MMR hero, 1500, 1600, 1700, or 1800 he still works good. And the original poster is 1500 is why I brought it up.
  11. Plague Rider is by far the best suicide hero, I've tried Lodestone and he is o.k, not nearly as good thought. I agree Bubbles and Hag are pretty useless as a suicide, you can survive but you'll be grossly under leveled and under farmed unless you are a much better player than they are. I am a Silver I but I've been winning most my games with a Plague Rider suicide. Some tips for him, my strat anyway which seems to work. Start with only boots, deny the first creep at the tower, always deny the melee creep because they give more experience and gold. Get a level 2 extinguish and you can spa
  12. Not everyone flames the chat. I use it for strategy discussion and yes it can easily help win the game. As soon as someone says something stupid I just mute them, it doesn’t take long.
  13. Then if they really made a bad judgement, they will go down in rank to a Bronze or a Silver V. That's what the MMR rating system is for, to place people where they belong. Banning is for people intentionally ruining the game for others.
  14. Yeah, jungling doesn't work in the 1500 to 1600 bracket on a solo que, it usually results in a loss. I don't know why people do it other than to screw around. When it takes them eight minutes to get to a level 6 and they don't gank, they are not taking the game seriously. Nerfing would just make it more painful.
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