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  1. It feels pointless having 4 of 5 people vote yes to a pause, just to have the 5th person un-pause instantly anyway. Perhaps having the whole pause play out before being able to un-pause could be an option? Thanks for taking this in to consideration
  2. yes, I am having trouble even doing this much. Thank you so much for helping. I will keep re watching your video until I figure it out. I have a different blender layout so my stuff looks way different. Modding may not be for me, but will keep trying to learn. I appreciate your time and effort in to making the video for me.
  3. I would like to attach textures to start. I have the object model but how can I attach the skin textures?
  4. I am able to port objects in to blender, but I am unable to attach the textures to the model and create animations. Is anyone able to post a tutorial on how to attach textures to the hero model in blender and how to create some spell casting (QWER) effect animations?
  5. Would it be possible to get a little *bloop* when empath's ult effect runs out? When playing empath, I ult my team mate and start looking at other areas of the map. I do not realize I have fallen out of my boosted team mate until it is too late. Can we add a little sound effect to notify empath players when their ultimate runs out. When they fall out of the boosted team mate, the sound alert should let the empath player know it is time to start taking control again.
  6. EU, Thank You for letting us know, and for moving this to suggestions. Hopefully the opportunity presents itself to where midwars stats can be captured in the future. Appreciate you taking the time to consider this suggestion.
  7. Would it be possible in the future to allow us to separate midwars as an option in view stats. Currently, under "Match History" Tab, midwars game stats show up in the "others" category. If we could have our own category it would be great. Since there is already a public game stats option, can we just remove the Pub game stats from showing up in "Others" category and rename "Others" to "Midwars"? As for the "View Stats" Tab, if we could remove casual and add midwars, swap out PSR for MMR, but keep the rest of the summary page filled with Midwars stats.
  8. @ElementUser hope this helps. Sorry about my mic. Had issues with RTX.
  9. It is easy with a ranged hero, to kill the main rune from the legion side. The Hellbourne side is barely out of reach. If the land area on the HB side could extend just a bit more in to the river, next to the rune. Just a tiny tiny bit. So both sides can fairly destroy the rune.
  10. Any chance of an updated API for HoN? To pull player or game stats from discord, or create webhooks for twitch animations on in game deaths, kills, etc. Could create stream effects for tournaments, bloodbaths, anni's, and specific players. There are endless 3rd party possibilities that could help promote the growth of the game. I would be happy to volunteer some time in API development using either fastAPI or DRF. Access to a test db would be quite helpful.
  11. Many of the same heroes would get banned originally & It would force people to play other heroes that are not considered "OP". This, over time, would cause players to get better with new heroes. the new "OP" heroes should start to get banned, leaving the old open again. I believe increasing the bans would increase different hero compositions, and make the game more fun for all. Forcing others to learn and play new heroes, along with trying out new compositions. I think even increasing the bans to 3 could help decrease the amount of time it takes to learn the game and all tha
  12. Would it be possible to do a trial run of 4 bans / person for MIDWARS mode. Just too many heroes that are good in FoC that we can't utilize in mw as much. When you doubled last time from 1 ban to 2, we have seen a crazy better experience... Would like to increase again and test if possible.
  13. Sil could grapple against heroes, not just trees. maybe at least deadwood and keeper!
  14. Currently: Empath's Essence Link can only target enemies to drain their health. I think empath having the ability to select an ally and drain their own health to heal an ally would be being pretty empathetic. I think that if empath can drain an opponents health to heal herself (selfish), why not drain her own to health to heal ally`s as well (empathetic). This could be added to empath as she is already such a weak healer compared to rhap, pearl, art, and other supports. Her Essence Link would now be able to target an enemy (draining health) or an ally (feedi
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