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  1. Suggestion for this black friday, 2021 Offer a sale, $10 to link any account to a main account as a sub and combine all the owned items. Everyone I play with has an external account that they didn`t want to pay for. Time for frostburn to make a return on those free accounts. All players want all their skins on all accounts. I think it is a win-win. Even someone with 10 external accounts could probably end up spending $90 that day to link everything. $10 is my suggested price point to do this. Any more expensive, and It wont feel like a sale
  2. thank you to who ever moved this! I appreciate that!
  3. sorry this should be in suggestions I think i am in the wrong forum thread
  4. Please allow leader of clan to choose a "CLAN COLOR" using the HTML color picker. When a member joins a clan, they get that "CLAN COLOR" in the vault and select it. This provides uniformity and can be syncd in discord as well.
  5. congrats on ur first tourney clantons!
  6. An option to mute spammable skills would really help. I still want to hear the game sound without hearing the shellshock, behe, pris, etc.... troll spamming a skill. I know I can report, but in game, its unbearable sometimes and I end up muting my whole game sound. Which is unfortunate. Currently there is a voice chat mute button. Maybe another mute button next to a hero if we want to mute that hero's in game sound effects? you could even split the mute button like you split the "share control of my unit(s)" button.
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