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  1. I honestly don't think it would hurt the game too much to add an exp reward to the dewarding process as well. You can argue that if you step away as a support to deward somewhere, you are losing out on exp/gold(either by proximity or gravelocket). Adding a small amount of exp to the person that gets the "kill", definitely wouldn't hurt. But I am open to hear what other peoples thoughts are on that!
  2. I mean, at this point you might as well just do it, right? I'm guessing on a good day, the US/EU crowd stands strong at MAYBE 2k players. I just can't see Garena making enough money off of the remaining players, that you are losing out huge chunks of profits by going to Steam. And if it can spark life into the game, why not? Granted, I have no idea how Garena does things, or what is the most optimal way of going about this, but still to me it seems like a no-brainer if the transition isn't too complex. I'd like to see some new spark into the game,
  3. "Ah ok, so because Lunarios is an in-game "griefer" (which he isn't based on your description, but what ever, I don't expect any IQ from you) you are calling him out in a very, very nice thread for being a hypocrite... when he isn't one? I don't know, I kinda feel like if your rooster is hidden underneath the belly somewhere, you probably should go for a run instead of arguing with your trusty steed a.k.a. your c**filled keyboard. God, get the flip out of here you wet, discarded wax figure." The above message is what you wrote to me in another thread. Does it surprise you that
  4. Yeah, no VoIP on EU either. Any word on this?
  5. First of all, I definitely agree with the sentiment. If you want something to thrive, you really need and should put energy/resources into it. I am not opposed putting in some money myself either, either through buying gold on donating. It is unfortunate that we are in this position though, since I love the game! Now a bit of an off-topic tangent, that still relates to the survival of the game: You mention that this is super important, and we should not underestimate it's effect on the game, yet you Lunarios is one of the most toxic and griefing players in top
  6. There has been studies done on "trash talking/toxicity" in games, and it's been proven that the more negative a team is, the more likely it is to lose the game. There's absolutely no doubt that just one person being toxic, will affect the morale of the rest of the game. Man, if I had omnipotent GM powers in this game, HOLY SHIT so many people would get the hammer! But when the game has 500 western players left, there's really not much to do if you want the game to live for as long as possible, sadly.
  7. So, I've never really paid attention to how you would go about actually getting linko tickets? I know that the mastery system has them as rewards from certain milestones, but what happens once you've maxed all hero masteries, how do you get more tickets? I have to admit I have no clue about this shit! Is there any way to add plinko tickets as a part of just winning regular games? Plinko is fun! Not sure what harm it could do, if you keep the rewards in check :P.
  8. I've mentioned this in streamer chats before, but I wouldn't mind seeing an early change to woods, so that only the two "pull" camps spawn for the first 5 minutes of the game, making it so that if you play a traditional wooder, you would have to start out on lane, and then move into the woods once the timer is up. I like playing wooders, but I hate the fact that you are playing PVE in a PVP game. I'd rather have players move around, and be active against each other, rather than play World of Newerth, latest MMO from Frostburn! With a 5 minute timer, you make it so that you can still
  9. One of my issues with barbed in its current state, is that you reflect the damage type you deal. So if you are at lategame, an agi hero hitting you with 100000 armor, will take no damage. Same with any spellcaster - If he pops a SH, and uses his spells on you, he takes no damage. I know the item is hard to balance, but making it pre-mitigation true damage, is in my opinion the best way to go at it. But, you should also raise the cost to say around 3000-3500 gold, and maybe give it some higher stats as well(not by much though), to balance it out a little, since if it did that a
  10. Not sure if this has been brought up before, but sometimes I am unable to click on an item to purchase it. I think it happens because of alt+tabbing, and it often fixes itself after a while, so not sure what it is. But I had a zephyr game where at the start I couldn't buy any item, and it lasted so long I had to close my game and open it up again just to buy my items :P. Not really sure where the error lies, but it's a small annoyance when it happens! 161726662 <-- Match ID. You can see me buying items right after I come back from disconnecting(closing/opening)
  11. I refuse to believe TB "suddenly" got OP, just because his Q is able to be spammed a bit more(still costs a lot of mana), and his W getting 25 extra damage at level 4. In my opinion, the only reason he suddenly feels strong, is more because of the patch changing the meta, and people realizing that TB+Grimoire is a really strong combo. Agree/disagree?
  12. Pretty sure it made it into retail, but it was there for like 4-5 days because of some massive bug associated with the change to his Q(Targetting nearest enemy). But onto your question as to why I want it back - It's simple, I had more fun playing it! Sure, it might be simpler, or stronger, but the bottom line is I had a lot of fun playing that version of him. Now don't get me wrong, I still enjoy playing current version of King Klout as well, so I have no trouble with him staying the same. I'd just play him more if he got changed to that very limited edition of his skill set
  13. I wouldn't mind adding that version of Klout through staff. But maybe that would be a bit lackluster? I don't know, I just really enjoyed that version of Klout!
  14. I've mentioned this a few times before I think, but I thought I'd make a fresh new post, see what other people think about this. So how would people like the idea of bringing back the King Klout version that we had for a brief moment, where his Q would target the closest target to him, and his ulti was a 700 range jump that would hit in a fairly large AoE? I fucking LOVED that version of him, and I would definitely like to see him back in that form. Anyone else share my sentiment, or am I alone in this?
  15. I mean, if you have the developing power as large as Steam behind your project, you are going to produce better results, no matter what. It's like saying "Why does Ikea sell more furniture than my local shop run by Mr. Rogers?!". The answer is quite obvious.
  16. In my opinion, we should just remove the ability to do those kind of direct moves from the game. People are using them in ways not intended. If you have trees that you can't get past with just regular movement, why the fuck can you move tast with direct? Makes zero sense! ?
  17. Can I just say that I find this comment insanely funny and ironic? ? I think I can pull up literally ANY random VOD on your stream, and you'll be toxic in 95% of them, either by being an overall toxic human, or by doing troll plays. And yet here you are talking, instead of you know, changing yourself into a less toxic player? ^^
  18. I highly disagree that Zephyr is a jungler/wooder only. He is VERY potent on lane, depending on your setup. He is not a hard carry, but he is something in between with the right build. As for how he performs in the jungle, he's still far below both Legio/Sols, and arguably Draconis as well. Won't even mention WS, since that hero is just bullshit :P.
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