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  1. Make sure you haven`t the categories boxes checked, then it shows you only that category of heroes
  2. Tried the cloack for the first time a few days ago while being PR. When i saw how bad it can impact my ult in teamfights i sold it
  3. Well, the people i report and didn`t get banned weren`t standing behind the well, but they were standing behind their own team defending base tower and not participating in the fight. Just to save their KD. Still no ban for them, tough that its clear not participating
  4. Hello and welcome back. How long have you been away and when did you initially join? Que times are better than what most coming back players expect and this with only choosing the good regions for your ping. For ex, I use only EU and RU regions and que times range from <1 minute to 10 minutes (at dead hours like 5 AM). Of course, rating is a factor over here, as if you go above gold 1, que times may get longer.
  5. There is no such thing as "smurf", just better or worse players than the person they are facing. In another game you may get a good play and be 3vs0 min 6 vs the enemy mid - does that make you a smurf or what?
  6. Can confirm its rigged. Saw same thing in my games
  7. Didn`t know that it can also mean "actions were Indeed, taken against the player". I still want to be GM I am one of the few people remaining who paid 30 bucks for the game
  8. Hi, Most of the reports I`ve done are for refusal to participate. All of them got rejected "Not corroborated - This ticket was a single ticket against an individual in a single match." Considering that in all reports I`ve mentioned the exact minutes when the guys getting reported literally stays next to teamfight and don`t interfere, saving their KD, even if the fight happens in base and racks go down, why don`t this people get banned? If it would randomly happen once, I would understand - maybe they aren`t paying attention (can happen to anyone) but that`s not the case as they
  9. I am not to debate my suspension. I am to debate why a player flaming from min 5 to end doesn`t get banned, while answering to his toxic attitude and his plays 2 or 3 times is bannable.
  10. Hi, I have a case with a player which for the past 5 matches i`ve met in last 7 days, always flames somebody or has a negative attitude with the team. After last game, i reported him, he reported me. I got banned, he didn`t. Check chat and tell me who has a negative conduct.
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