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  1. Sometimes you just must let it go... When is over its over. No marketing nothing will change. Prize pool in turnaments and top streamers playing game will save this game (if something is here to be saved). Hon got peak way back in 2010 or something like that. I am here from the beta and to be onest rage and players destroyed this game (beside dota 2 was up). Every time when I enter hon people raging more and more.
  2. This game is over. And as soon as possible people get it, it be better for them. DOnt get me wrong. I am here from beta and enjoyed great time playing this game, but after 2014 or something like that game is going down as years go by. Player count is low in every next year, no updates nothing. Now we got when you need 30min to get que and ONE SINGLE thing what is not changed is attitude of players. In lower bracked players rage on eachother etc all day long. You must play 5 games to get one normal game. Why will some1 waste owne time to get yeld on him when you got great games to play beside h
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