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  1. A good example.. Slither can debuff you by his spit spray.. He can also debuff you by his ultimate. The spit spray can be removed with nullfire, the ultimate cannot be removed. Is there some way to know which debuffs are... "Superior" Debuffs (ie, cannot be removed) and which are regular debuffs (which can be removed)? Also, Is there anything the sand scepter affects that the nullfire blade does not?
  2. Ok, so lets assume level 25 puppet master has level 4 rift shards and is attacking a very stout legio Attack 1: Whiplash goes off causing crit, Rift Shards do not proc Attack 2: Whiplash counter now at 3, Rift Shards do not proc Attack 3: Whiplash counter now at 2, Right Shards proc, causing crit. Is the Whiplash counter set back to 4 because of the rift shard crit, or does the counter keep going to 1?
  3. Is there any interaction between these at all? If the riftshards crit (because of normal chance) does it reset the counter on whiplash? If there is no interaction, can some sort of double crit occur (where the rift shards crit on the normal whiplash crit)? I seem to recall years ago, there was some similar question about Chrono and the Brutalizer interactions (but I do not recall the answer) Anyone know how this works?
  4. Not sure if you are being serious or not.. but, just in case.. I am referring to when I have control of illusions, geometers bane, circe, etc. I struggle to tell which is an illusion and which is my actual character.
  5. Is there any graphical setting I can use to increase the difference between the illusions and the real character? I find it incredibly hard to see the difference, I know there are minor color differences but its a bit too minor for me. Or perhaps a mod that alters this?
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