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  1. yeah just pls put rallywarlord on redeemable list for 900 tickets
  2. Well if ALL of them were not available tbh i wouldve been absolutely fine with it as u mentioned. But the thing here is that 39/51 can be bought with silver/gold (heck even DK salforis) i honestly feel its pointless to keep the remaining 12 unavailable OR if theres a specific reason for them not being available someone tell me.
  3. bro ive been trying to get rally warlord for +3 years, so much gold spent on it....
  4. There are a total of 51 debut edition avatars from which 12 (Xemplar, sapphire, circe, tarot, prisoner 945, rally, riftwalker, berzerker, gravekeeper, monarch, master of arms and blitz) are NOT purchasable/available. I think these should also be purchasable or redeemable via tickets. (please make rally warlord redeemable atleast) Also is there a specific reason these 12 are not available?
  5. Please Also Rally warlord avatar.
  6. I get what u are trying to say but i personally prefer if there is a hero that can output a lot of damage then it should have a major disadvantage and in Qi's case its his low suvivability. Like seriously every game i played good with Qi, the enemy team RIGHTLY focused me before each fight. I agree that it can output major damage to carry (erases hammer storm from the map) but was it really outputting that much damage to non-carry heroes? Suppose a support with 150 damage mid game, previous patch Qi's ulti will do about 725 superior magic damage (not that huge of a burst compared to dampeer boi), it does seem a lot of damage BUT think about it in a fight situation, the enemy team knows they shouldn't stand close to each other or they don't say 'hey lets walk in a straight line for lols' ( unless its a combo with tempest etc which is totally an other thing ). Why would someone playing Qi would focus a non-carry hero or say by chance Qi can manage to land ulti on say 3 heroes but why would that even happen if the enemy team is aware that Qi is a serious threat and is easily countered with items or heroes or jump on him, its too easy to kill/shutdown Qi. Its potential lies within focusing the carry and i dont think any Qi player would land ulti on non-carry heroes in a fight and avoid carry. Qi requires proper items to become useful and survive and its not just about pressing R. Suppose in lane Qi decides to land ulti on a support with 100 dmg he would only do 525 superior magic damage, with 80 sec cd i doubt anyone would throw it on a support (lvl 16) whereas Witch slayer would do 850 magic damage (lvl 16) with 55 sec cd. The comparison isnt fair but it puts into perspective that its not REALLY that unbalanced as it seems on paper. I Agree with you @ElementUser on that unintended mechanism but within gameplay it seems plausible. And isnt this the purpose of the game, to outplay your opponent by playing smart (picking items like Hellflower or even a Pk jump on Qi will render him useless). The people who are not familiar with Qi enough are the ones that get 'melted' (0.2% usage ). Anyone who knows how potent Qi can be WILL COUNTER IT (heck pick vindi). So i say if something seems OP then it should also have weakness and i feel like with these changes, For me Qi would end up having the same fate as Nitro. But at the end its just how i feel towards this and in my opinion its just unnecessary nerfing.
  7. Why is Qi nerfed in every patch? I used to play Qi in FoC ALOT, i know Qi is VERY STRONK vs enemy carries but Qi is also VERY easily countered and has zero escape where only proper items let him survive. I think the Ulti now being at 60% is not good for the hero combined with the previous patch's stupid thing of reducing damage over length or w/e. I havent played Qi in a while cuz i feel like its not that a real threat to enemy carry as it used to be anymore. I have 17% Qi usage in 878 FoC ranked games (still the highest %age for me even tho i havent played Qi for a long time) and i know this hero well enough. and its a hero meant to be played at dual long or mid cuz playing it as short aggressive support hinders its roaming potential. I feel like reverting it back 2 patches would be nice. and bringing up an argument that it does alot of burst damage is just not valid, alot of other heroes do much more burst damage throughout the game and have much higher survivability, where Qi is only potent late/mid game. Qi can not even dominate a lane solo, a jump/gank on Qi will result in its death 80% of the time. (take dampeer for example at the other end of the spectrum). pls respond
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