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  1. Match ID : 162026992 How am I supposed to even think of winning these types of games (happening more and more often) where solo Q 1700s lined up vs 4 1900s queuing together. With average mmr gain/loss being +6.8/-1.6 or something. Sure I get it its minimal mmr loss but its an instant lost game with team and me giving up mentally so it really doesn't help me enjoy these types of matches. I'm not saying that those guys are WRONG to queue together (playing with friends is awesome*) its just unfair at the other end. This type of tmm is super demoralizing and its not compelling for HoN im
  2. im getting lower fps on 64x (~90 on all high settings) where i get ~130 fps all high setting on 32 bit client. My pc is 64bit btw, can someone help?
  3. coming from someone who grinded qi all time. On paper this rework seems good enough, but id have to wait and see.
  4. THANK U, pls all u folks, read this 100 times and then thrice more just to make sure.
  5. sure it was interesting, even more interesting when everyone stopped picking it. as @VaYha said the Q slow was also brutal and I played with SB and he was genuinely less impactful at laning. ( maybe just for me i guess ).
  6. 500 No longer amplifies incoming damage to Shadowblade. yeah i mean what a surprise, after shitting on SB they realized.
  7. yeah just pls put rallywarlord on redeemable list for 900 tickets
  8. Well if ALL of them were not available tbh i wouldve been absolutely fine with it as u mentioned. But the thing here is that 39/51 can be bought with silver/gold (heck even DK salforis) i honestly feel its pointless to keep the remaining 12 unavailable OR if theres a specific reason for them not being available someone tell me.
  9. bro ive been trying to get rally warlord for +3 years, so much gold spent on it....
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