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  1. Uses Hyper X for all games and music. They are light, comfortable and great for games where sound is important like Escape from Tarkov or PUBG - so they won't be bad for HoN either. The price is quite low
  2. Thanks for the feedback - I'm still playing New WOrld (Early acces). The game resembles World of Warcraft in its early stages in my opinion
  3. First of all, it's good that there are still new players. I myself was a new player until recently. For a long time I didn't understand how all heroes work and that was my problem. I am currently playing Midwars - it all happens more intensely there and I have learned how each hero works individually. Toxic players don't care - especially if they play for years and are on a similar level to me - that's ridiculous. I started my game with PLague Rider and Swift Blade - these are good heroes to start with.
  4. I want Plinko to come back - when I started playing this plinko was available for two more weeks - and then it disappeared permanently It was great fun
  5. Yes, the ban time is often in minutes - not hours. The longest time I got a ban for several hours - and once I had to play games on Public (Ban for the same reason, some HoN server errors and it crashed me)
  6. Hello Did you play the beta how do you like it? They keep delaying the premiere, but that will be soon. As a rule, I do not buy pre orders, so I will wait until the final version of New World is released
  7. Plague Rider is irreplaceable as sui. Great range, worth buffing the damage. Deny creeps ability (if you do it far enough from the enemy hero, he won't get any experience at all) and gold ofc. As one of the few, he is able to defeat 2 or even 3 heroes with one ult. A great and very versatile herok Now I will play New World and buy New World Coins
  8. Supports are almost always underrated. Why there are no awards for the amount of HP healed - for collecting the SMALLEST amount of gold with creeps. For this you can have last death and most assist - you mathematically influenced the game a lot, but nobody appreciates it I always vote, of course most often for myself, but if I'm not there, I honestly vote for the best one.
  9. I'm not some pro gamer, I rather play with other noobs like me. Do such behaviors disappear at higher levels?
  10. Of course, I already had several HoN accounts - I have even been challenged that I am a Smurf. Sometimes it happens that your game system is OP to your opponent's game. Yes, I used to play worse on one account for the first few games, but only to learn to play a new character. I am rather "monogamous" and I like to skill one hero, when I get bored of him, I can skill another. It's a good recipe to keep HoN from getting bored, when I start playing with a new character it's like starting to play a whole new game. I've been playing midwars lately and I can't remember when I met someone I suspec
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