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  1. That would be great - just looking for an alternative to HoN and thanks to the arcade series I thought about LoL - but when I asked about it, supposedly DOTA is more like HoN
  2. I believe it will be possible - I'm just waiting for the game and I can't imagine how to kill time without HoN. I heard rumors during the game that HoN would be available on Garena
  3. Either there are the most Ruthenians or they are the loudest - but they are the only nation that I am sure of I don't understand why Russians don't play CIS servers, probably because even Russians don't want to play with other Russians
  4. I met HoN thanks to a friend, they were playing when HoN started and I started much later. They are not playing now, I am still playing. I've spent thousands of hours at HoN and I'd love to pay for it to keep playing. It's a good game Escape from Tarkov is a survival, FPS, Battle royale and RPG game items - like guns weapons EFT items for sale is one of the most important things for every EFT player - Rather, many of you would like to know more about this topic. I highly recommend that you just play EFT and buy some items. The fairest and safest EFT items marketplace I know is Odalo. I bu
  5. the better is the enemy of the good
  6. I really like the lore of different worlds. Players could use something like this, but it seems that at least 50% of HON players can't even read ... you write to such one, several times from the beginning of the game, that you buy astrolabes - several times you let you know how much gold is missing, and he will also buy Astro and also calls you off the xD noobs Everyone is arguing that Aluna is Carry while it is clearly written that Aluna is Support I've been playing Trove lately, it's a PvE or Pvp game, very enjoyable. In the meantime, I got to know some other games. I'm thinking of ge
  7. Is there any way to disable minimape? I can't count the number of deaths when I tried to run to the bottom left corner and started running in the opposite direction
  8. I get a lot of misunderstanding because I play Aluna (in Midwars). I don't farm, I buy Astrolabe - and often I have the best result anyway. Let people learn to read while selecting characters that Aluna is support! Another point, I do myself, but I do not recommend buying Astro when you are playing in a team with Rhapsody, Artesia or Nymphora - even if they didn't buy astro and you did, all the fame for the treatment goes to them I'm better now
  9. I've played FoC for a long time - but now I only play MidWars - I don't waste my time on handicapped players - if such a player hits MidWars, the waste of time is less
  10. However, I would prefer to see people playing on servers assigned to their location. Why do I have to listen to insults in Russian on EU servers?
  11. I need something for PLague and ALuna
  12. You will back - I know form my experience. Once I stopped playing for six months because I was annoyed by the low IQ of players and not understanding the mechanics of the game in Midwars. If you are winning 20-1 then the win should not take more than a few minutes - you just have to play carefully. Players at my level then get monkey wits, dive into faith and feed opponents - so the game sometimes lasts up to an hour. After six months I came back I know - I should get a higher MMR and play with better players - that's good advice, but I always play support and it will take some
  13. I emphasize right away, I do not want to offend anyone - this is not the purpose of this thread. I just argued with them more than once and I asked them about it, they replied that the CIS was empty. I don't have a high MMR and I don't know what it's like to play with 2000MMR but around 1500MMR at least 30-40% of the players are Russian. I've heard the theory that even the Russians don't want to play with other Russians and that's why they don't enter CiS - but that's not the real reason? Diablo 2 resurrected - D2r items for sale Diablo 2 resurrected Cool,
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