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  1. Imo move speed and attack speed are slower too. I ll have to test this
  2. In my opinion(I am a dota 2 player now), DotA 2 is just slower than HoN. And its not because the map For me HoN is dota 1's little brother. And DotA 2 is HoN little's brother Same family Btw HoN in my 4 Ever
  3. You right. DotA 2 is slower than HoN. But don't worry, we get used to it. Its not a problem
  4. Hello guys, Is it possible? https://www.aroged.com/2021/12/15/rumor-valve-may-add-heroes-from-hon-to-dota-2/ By the way HoN used some DotA 1 heroes at the begining. It could be nice if HoN's team gives back some heroes to DotA 2 :) HoN4Ever <3
  5. Hello, I just found this : Nostalgia :')
  6. Hello, any opinions about an eventually dota's like feature?
  7. Hello ElementUser, Hello guys, Can I have your opinion about my last message? BR
  8. We dont need a region locking imo. I agree with EpicPhilely. For example in DotA 2 we can see this: We can see the closest regions for better experience. I like the "Automatically pick the best region based on my location" feature. Maybe we can add this one too in HoN?
  9. Hello! Is it possible to add a warning message when we select areas with hight ping. For exemple, if I live in Australia and I select the EU area, I will be a pinger ingame... :( Some people doesn't know the importance of the location of the HoN servers. It's sad to see some pingers ingame which leave after the start of the game :( BR JFO
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