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  1. I think the problem here is they random because of being late to pick a hero, not random via click. But yes, you can click the star button and then random.
  2. Are coupons still a thing? I forgot about them! Probably because they're so well hidden.
  3. I also think it would be nice to include revwards in stats somehow personally i don't care much for stats but i know many players do imho 150g and increased chances of victory are not rewarding enough - for comparison for a kill you're rewarded with gold, experience, eliminating enemy player for a duration (or forcing them to buyback), increased chances of victory AND stat increase for the rest of the season
  4. It doesn't increase the 210s cd cap Realised it in practice mode, still need to confirm in a normal game How to replicate: 1. Start a practice game with any hero 2. Get levels and gold 3. Buy Grimoire of Power and Restoration Stone 4. Use Restoration Stone (without using any other skill or item) and look at the cooldown
  5. What about lore from Savage and Savage 2?
  6. There is a lot of lore and I would be happy to know a good place to find it all
  7. I like them, but I would also love to see the skeletons work on multiple targets hit with a single autoattack for example it could be like that: when you damage a unit when Call of the Damned is not on cooldown you get a 1 second buff which causes skeletons to spawn on damage dealt by you (except for the skeletons). That would make great synergy with Forsaken Archer's AoE kit
  8. I agree quickly clearing is the most important factor, but many of those heroes would be able to do that if it wasn't for the refilling needs that slow them down greatly (because they have to keep refilling bottle, going back to base and such), and sustain is important to stay relatively safe and able to gank. Increasing clear speed could spawn imbalancedly fast farmers, that's why i decided to focus on sustain. Maliken was actually able to jungle very well in the past (level 6 below 5:00 without spending much on consumables, not bad for a carry imo), but got nerfed and has too much trouble
  9. 1. Blood hunter Greatly reduce W's cooldown, but penalise gold gained from creeps killed with it's active. Increase heal from active, make it possible to eat a large creep from level 1. Let E increase autoattack damage dealt to creeps below given hp %, just like to heroes. Dampeer Increase Dampeer's lifesteal for self while decreasing it's aura's potency, evening the difference out on higher skill levels. Let the aura also increase attack speed without essences. Debuff some burst damage to keep him balanced. Forsaken Archer Buff E significantly, delay it's cooldown triggering b
  10. Ok then don't buff jungle, but maybe introduce a wider variety of jungler heroes
  11. 1. Slightly buff heroes who are almost able to jungle or could barely jungle in the past - because they are almost eligible for it it wouldn't require a big buff to make them legit, so it wouldn't break balance 2. Buff abillities explicitly for jungling, particularly increasing sustainability in the jungle would be great - that would make it possible to jungle with the heroes, it will be clearly highlighted that they can jungle, so people wouldn't oppose if they saw that pick and of course it wouldn't affect those heroes' performance in lanes at all, so balance isn't threatened 3. Jungle i
  12. "Why does there have to be some idiot wanting to go jungle in every single game" "He's a jungle player and like all the jungle players he only farms" "Please don't jungle... I'll even support you long just please don't jungle!" Jungling is bad for the team and decreases your chances of winning seems to be a popular opinion and it may be correct. While I love the fact that you can play without a jungler (trilanes are awesome!) it makes me very sad to think that you should. Jungling is a moba legacy tradition and it should be kept alive, so let's move on to the suggestion part: B
  13. There are about 16 heroes that can realistically jungle and 6 of them are heavily micro reliant, which is for many (if not most) players a no go. Some of the remaining ones are frequently banned and some are better played in other positions. For every other role there's almost half of the hero pool of valid choices. It would be good if junglers had more options to express themselves and not get bored to death playing the same heroes over and over again. I have a lot of ideas for small changes that don't require much work and allow some heroes to jungle without making them imbalanced, if you
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