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  1. I hate spam and the downsides of some heroes. find games faster than in Forest caldaver MiD WARD the map of the most fought battles you can see i love this game although i hate some heroes and their abilities
  2. sometimes i want the game LOL and DOTA They had a MiD WARD I have not seen anything like it in all my life
  3. El spam de habilidades suele ser el desencadenante para que algunos usuarios dejen de jugar Personalmente odio la artillería y los truenos. Deje alguna opinión sobre algunos héroes y spam en MiD WARD accused disgustado con su W
  4. cciervo

    Master Legacy

    It is not unfair that only for 2,400 gold another has improved ability should the same price come out give you 1 more space in inventory is a great advantage in the long game 4,200 gold should come out Master Legacy it's very annoying to see how he gives you staff for 2400 gold more when you play against random people Those who read this, who think It's just an opinion, but I see it every day. for 2400 gold, ridiculous The worst thing is that there are people who make fun of you when they have that advantage thank you i
  5. Do I have my account blocked for no reason? my brother and I wanted to enter won't let us in because we have a penalty I remember I had done nothing wrong BTW, I am a user who has been playing for several years I just want to know how long the game will be like this I do not get it
  6. Esta el la version de tikeck en ingles,espero tu opinion gracias Error trying to buy a Name color in HoN I can not buy the color of the name "HoNiversary Frosting pink" with silver coin It only happens to me? or To all users... check the error thanks for your time...
  7. <a href="https://ibb.co/qNrksNK"><img src="https://i.ibb.co/ByCqZyb/Foto-del-error.png" alt="Foto-del-error" border="0"></a>
  8. Solo sale ese error... Estuve desde la madrugada intentando y otra ves en la mañana. quiero subir una captura de pantalla pero no se como se hace.
  9. Hola a todos / das. El dia 24/04/2020 conseguimos los 7.200 puntos de plata en el juego e intento comprar el color llamado "Rosa Gelido de HoNiversario". Pero ocurre un error con esta descripción: __ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ __ l HA OCURRIDO UN ERROR. l l solicitud no valida de la tienda. l l ok l ---- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---- Si algún GM me puede ayudar a hacer la compra o verificar este error, me seria muy util. Estuve juntando desde hace mucho los puntos de plata para co
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