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  1. I did not have enough time to reply after I created the post, but it seems the other Brazilian/Latin players did it in my stead. Have we got any conclusions so far? Here is my bit of information for you all. This screenshot was taken today night, at 21:11: https://imgur.com/ezgck0N This is an screenshot analysis of my own ping. I live in Rio de Janeiro, I use NET/Claro ISP (Like others stated) and in my other games, ping runs well. HOWEVER... I then tried a new test with ExitLag and my ping decreased exponentially. This screen shot was taken at the time of this reply: https
  2. What the hell is happening with the BR servers after the maintenance?! Our pings went from 50-80 to 130-150.
  3. Disclaimer: This topic is meant for the latin community currently playing on BR servers as their sole option. Hello, fellow players. Some of you will say I am just crying too much about this, and I may be, but when you are constantly getting shot into 30 minutes queues, there is a problem and it must be solved. The issue is simple: At some point, BR/LAT players will take very long to find a game (or will not find one at all) based on their current MMR. On average, the BR/LAT community hangs around the 1550-1650 MMR, with higher variances towards even lower brackets than higher brackets
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