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  1. If other people can, you should be able to too if you have what it takes. Unfortunately you're not as good as you think and it wont change anytime soon if you dont realize it, analyze your mistakes, exploit enemy mistakes and improve your own gameplay. Think about smurfs, why smurfs can easily climb in the same bracket you're having problems and get to higher ranks in any mode? Because they're really good for the bracket they're playing. If you were good for your bracket like you're claiming, you would be climbing too.
  2. So I have to download the entire game again from the Torrent Link?
  3. Can anyone help me? My HoN is unable to update, its getting stuck on "Calculating Update" status This is the error I got ^r[HTTP] Error encountered on file http://cdn.hon.team/wac/x86_64/ ( Timeout was reached [Updater] Error downloading :/Update/
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