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  1. I think it's also a perception issue that the main hard-carry should take all the farm and the support has nothing. You can stack the medium/small camp at the short-lane and farm it when you pull the creep waves, tell the carry its yours and that he can farm the lane. It's also 50% as effective if the carry farms the stacked pull camps as he's missing out on 1-2 creeps from the next wave, so what's the point in taking gold that can be used by the support? Don't try to help too much, focus on yourself and what you need first - if the carry transitions into the Jungle after the laning phase
  2. Hey some trophies are good! Trophy Pyromancer, Trophy Solstice, Trophy Witch Slayer! It's really nice on Solstice because she's golden naturally, and now she's extra-extra-golden Looking at my avatars now I don't have Trophy Solstice -.- I for once would be happy to receive her in a Diamond Chest, but whatevers I'll try to ask for it in the next plinko exchange
  3. I see, well I'm specifically talking about the Gold aspect, not the Exp aspect, I mean personally I wouldn't even mind if the exp aspect would get nerfed as I do feel it is true what you have said regarding the EXP abundance in the game. It is just so painful to get gold as a support without a farming mechanic, and if you manage to die while you have banked up a sum of gold it is twice as painful to lose it. As a carry MQ my decision is "Hmm...do I get Symbol of Rage or Wingbow first?", as a support Ichor I'm like "OMG I GOT A RINGMAIL THANK THE LORD".
  4. I really liked and enjoyed the changes in this patch, except for one thing - Orb of Zamos / Grave Locket change. I don't know how many people noticed this, but I support at least a quarter of my played games, and this change was quite huge for me personally. I think I understand the underlying logic - trying to move the support away from passively leeching neutral creeps along with the main farmer - and into a more active playstyle, assisting and ganking lanes. But, I think the nerf was too heavy. I already struggle as a support to acquire gold, some supports are more lucky than othe
  5. That's what Monarch is made for. It makes the game more sophisticated by creating "hard-counter" heroes to other heroes, that's the whole purpose of the banning phase (I think). It's much like Vindicator counters Tempest, Hellbringer counters Tempest, Adrenaline counters Doctor Repulsor, Deadwood counters STR-reliant heroes, Magebane vs Parallax/Oogie/DR etc. I recommend to ban Monarch (and Electrician) on banning phase if you intend to pick KotF, to make your time easier in not having to counter-play against those heroes. Otherwise, you will have to deal with those said heroes in the gam
  6. Gladly there are enough people who care and appreciate the work of this company for them to keep doing what they do.
  7. As a player that spent and spends money on the game, and donates money to the game, don't count me in when you say "entire gaming community". I don't want this game to fade, and believe that updating it and innovating it is the way forward, sometimes there are mistakes, but you can't move forward without mistakes.
  8. The hero is mostly about fighting multiple enemies at a time, as long as there are 2 or more enemies you should attempt to engage them and harass as much as possible while making sure your Q is lined up with 2 heroes at a time. I'd be cautious about trying to engage directly with many enemies (3-5) unless you have the back-up of your team. I personally see Adrenaline as a Ganker/Initiator/Tank, I don't think he's a good Carry. He has a very low Autoattack base speed and very low Agility growth per level, late-game many hard-carries will outperform him DPS-wise (The Dark Lady, Forsaken Arc
  9. I think you're talking about me - I was in that game. And as far as Adrenaline players go, I'm far from standard If I may add I spent over 200 hours practicing this specific hero ever since it was patched on its nerfed form, and I pulled out the moves accurately. You did little counterplay to try to counter my weaknesses, and played into my strengths. If I may add very easy counters on how to beat Adrenaline: -Moira (leaves him completely helpless, as the hero has almost no autoattack damage) -Deadwood (Naturally high strength gain, being a STR hero, with incredibl
  10. Well I'm quite happy though, I'm enjoying him very much Just don't want him nerfed too hard now..
  11. psst, before anyone else talks about it, the new adrenaline is a bit too strong, you heard it from me first
  12. I don't think EP nerf hits Chronos in any way, it's merely -5 damage, -5 attack speed +3% damage taken and +200 gold. For Chronos, the damage taken is negligent as he should be hitting enemies within his ultimate where he takes little damage anyway, and for Chronos specifically its a "Jungle Farm" enabling item, so I don't think the nerfs affect the item choice for Chronos. Regarding Hypercrown I did not see any changes in the patch notes to Hypercrown/Thunderclaw, maybe I missed something? But, because of the Searing Light/Dawnbringer/Grimoire nerfs, Hyper/Tclaw should be the superior ch
  13. I really like Blitz as a hero, and I want to give my opinion on this as someone who plays Blitz from time to time (Mostly in sui/support lanes). E (Quickening) - I think it's in a really good spot and its a distinguishing feature of Blitz, but the fact that you can only use it on either yourself or an ally, and not both at the same time is kind of sad (as it could feel absolutely amazing in duo-man ganks), so I like the idea of E applying to two people at once. R - I think it's in a really good place. Q - I think it's in a really good place and I personally wouldn't like to see
  14. If we take aside all the mistakes I see Jungle players make quite often (from a mechanical standpoint), and we take aside all the potential disruptions a Jungler may face (which are surprisingly rather easy to do - block camps, gank, etc.), and we give a Jungler free space to farm as he wishes for an unlimited amount of time - Yeah, from an XPM/GPM and available resources standpoint he outfarms everyone in the game. Do junglers fill an important role in my eyes? Yes. Can they win a game alone? No way. I think, they NEED to have an advantage over all the other lanes, otherwise their exis
  15. This theme has been talked about quite a lot recently in the forums. From what I understood, he will be changed towards the next patch.
  16. To be honest I just buy runes of blight, health potions and once I have PK I do visits to the base once in a while, and go for Barbed / HotBL from there on, once I have HotBL/Ultor's I no longer need to sustain myself. (I do have a chalice with me at all times)
  17. Or rather say, the disparity between the junglers farming abilities, if we do happen to open this subject. Why is it that KotF has almost 50% of the GPM/XPM farming ability of Legionnaire? Farming with solstice at night can be equivalent to trying to open a round door knob with chopsticks, and Draconis is able to outlevel by a significant margin every other hero in Heroes of Newerth with his farming speed. A lot of the "issues" lie in the design of the heroes as well, Solstice should be ganking at night, KotF should be pushing towers, Legionnaire should be ganking heroes using his early g
  18. From my experience, earliest I could reach PK was 6:45 minutes in-game, where the average is 8:00 if you are not harassed and don't have blocked camps. Max whirling blade when you can.
  19. I think it's kind of in this middle zone of "I'm not entirely sure where I'm suppose to be right now". It's not a powerful item, and it's not a weak item, but it costs too much for what it delivers. I think either make it a powerful item with a powerful cost, or make it cost less with a weaker effect. If its a powerful item, it has to have use to it that Spellshards do not deliver. Spellshards cost ~3350 gold for the full effect, and they do it much better than Armor of the Mad Mage does. It's like having an item that gives you 65% Physical Armor Penetration for 3350 gold, and at t
  20. For me it depends on the alternative avatar, I enjoy putting up music in youtube that fits the selected avatar and feel immersed in the atmosphere. So it goes like - Shamrock Klanx and I put 1 hour of celtic music. Slender Grinex - 1 hour of sad piano music. It's really a blast to get into the vibe of the hero and the alt. King Crab Tremble - 1 hour of tropical caribbean beach music. TIME TO PINCH!
  21. I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels this way. I will of course keep playing him despite the drawbacks that I feel are present within him, because I really like the hero. But, of course I would like the hero to feel "whole", and not 90%.
  22. I've been playing KotF for quite a while after the recent patch, I think I know what is being talked about. With EP + Ghost Marchers KotF damage output is very high (being a high STR Gain hero), along with the natural attack speed boost with the passive, KotF can reach 2 attacks per second along with a very high physical damage per attack. Combine that with an immobilized target, and you have a deadly combo. High DPS output? Yes. Overpowered? Maybe in a percentage of the scenarios. Broken? I don't think having to play around a certain hero's skillset is broken. When there's a Tempest in p
  23. I've been playing a lot of Ichor recently and I've been enjoying the hero very much, but I've noticed a few problems with him (one of which I've posted in Bug Reports) - but it doesn't matter. What matters is a different subject - Ichor W (Transfusion) does not work on ally heroes affected by Shrunken Head, or any other type of Magic Immunity for that matter. I find it really sad and limiting, I understand not being able to use the skill on Enemy heroes being affected by Magic Immunity, but not being able to use it on teammates being affected by Magic Immunity? It feels like a low
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