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  1. Usually when I'm short farm against a solo offlaner I get it around the 4:50-5:20 mark as a first item to maximize the benefit from the gold timer. I'm looking at it as a gold item because as it currently stands, even in its current form, it provides me enough gold benefit to go out all the way to purchase it for 1950 gold, along with the pause-on-death timer. The EXP is rather redundant for me, as most of the time as a Support I would not have enough gold to buy it anyway, and if I do have the gold I'd rather have a PK / Stormspirit. The EXP is not very important for me personally,
  2. I didn't think of that, but to be honest it sounds like a really good idea. If the gold gained on usage remains 165, however the price is lowered to let's say 1650 gold (from 1950), then you can optimally get it at the 4-minute mark and pay back the item cost at the 24-minute mark (ideally if nothing goes wrong along the way i.e. dying thus pausing the timer) At the moment it stands at minimum acquisition under normal circumstances at the 5-minute mark and item payback timing of 29 minutes in-game time. Perhaps boosting the gold per use to 175 and lowering the item price to 1750, or
  3. I'm strongly against this argument. The whole purpose of an alt. avatar is to personalize your experience and to show off your cool new avatar. Next thing is for everyone on the street to wear the same clothes so no one will get confused. MOBA games have a steep learning curve, and recognizing alt avatars is one of the elements - just as memorizing timings, abilities, ranges, etc. This isn't even that steep compared to some other games - try learning Starcraft 2 from scratch for instance.
  4. Oh ok then, then everything is good! Maybe I need to play Cthuluphant more to remember that
  5. Just a little note regarding Cthuluphant - I read in the forums regarding a "bug" that relates to Cthulu Ulti not activating correctly through fog, which was said to be fixed internally. That combined with an increased radius of 2000 from 900 basically means that with a SotM + Barbed, you have a 2000 radius legionnaire taunt that goes through fog, that is very likely to hit all the enemy team. As much as I would like it to happen because I'm probably gonna do that every second game, my conscience tells me that I should at least write about it to point it out before it does come out.
  6. Is it possible to raise a little bit the gold granted by Alchemist Bones from 165 to 180 or 190? Let me explain - When I play carry heroes, I tend to go for single-target carries that don't have a farm mechanic, and I tend to not pick a farming item such as a hypercrown/cleaver. I mostly rely on Alchemist Bones as a back-up plan / or simply as a minor boost to my GPM. I find it more useful in longer games, but since the average gamespan of HoN games is roughly 30 minutes (which is around the time it takes for Alchemist Bones to pay back its cost), in many cases it provides no benefit.
  7. I think it mostly depends on the hero and the preferred playstyle. With some heroes I like striders, some heroes I like ghost marchers, and some I like steamboots. Usually, the heroes that I pick striders have some sort of innate gap-closing ability + the heroes are required to move a large distance in a short amount of time on a regular basis (Deadwood offlane with his tree-walk, Fayde offlane with her invisibility, sometimes I even pick striders on Night Hound for a quick gank and return to off-lane for exp/gold). If I pick steamboots, either the hero has a teleportation ability, or I'm prob
  8. I did see quite a few times the lack of scaling towards the later stages of the game of Magmus' damage. Heroes in the late-game tend to have high magic reduction, magic immunity, increases mobility and/or high if not very high health pools. This poses a lot of problems for heroes that are considered very good at the early/mid game (i.e. Blitz), but they turn into the polar opposite as the game transitions to the end-game. I saw it mitigated in a way by adding a utility stat into the scaling damage of an ability boosted by SotM (Take as an example Blitz SotM effect adding a flat dec
  9. I do my best every day to be the better version of myself that I wasn't yesterday.
  10. I love the Cthuluphant change, it allows the hero to Jungle as well (for those who like it), while strengthening his identity as a Tank that handles punishment very well. The Adrenaline change feels on point, giving him stronger 1v1 laning presence, more reliable late-game magic DPS, and more comfortable farming ability; all while trading for his ability to engage successfully and dominantly against multiple opponents. This in turn increases Adrenaline's dependency on items, and helps define his role as more of an Initiator/Semi-Carry. I saw a discussion regarding Circe's mana issues
  11. I remember my first game in Heroes of Newerth. My friend told me "Hey man listen there's this cool new game that came out and I have a beta key for you". I was like - ok let's give it a shot; so I chose Deadwood - and got completely owned. But you know what? I didn't really care. I didn't care because I could walk through the god damn trees. I was a giant undead tree, walking through trees - and that was my first experience in HoN, and the reason I kept coming back ever since. Most of the time we don't think about it, but we should stop from time to time to appreciate the beauty that is i
  12. Just a small thing regarding Klanx - making his Lackey apply splash damage (even as slight as 33% out of 15/30/45/60) will make him push the lane when trying to last-hit creeps during the laning phase if he has this skill leveled. Since this skill is used for both enemy harass and QoL last-hit improvement, making it apply splash damage is actually a nerf to the hero as it limits the strategies available to him during the laning phase. I think an easy fix to this would be to make this skill toggle-able (like Legionnaire's Spin), giving the player control of when to push the lane and when t
  13. I personally don't see the weakness of the item that much, as to me the item is very strong as it is, but maybe its just because of my specific playstyle that benefits greatly from this item. I wouldn't be against changing it to % of enemies armor as it would be very useful late-game as well, and not mainly mid-game.
  14. It's a very specific item, much like Grimoire of Power, Madfred's Brass Knuckles, Twin Blades, Lex Talionis. Some items are picked up on a regular basis such as Boots, Cleaver, Dawnbringer, etc. and some items have a more reserved place in the hero pool, I'm sure that there are a few more heroes except those 2 that the item works well on, but that's the way it is - not every item should be picked up by everyone and that's ok
  15. Just make the 0.9-1.2 sec stun a mini-stun to prevent escape/interrupt channeling, and make it a +40 damage flat on all levels, I think that's enough
  16. Just a minor correction, it's 4600 gold and provides -8 armor for that amount, along with the +55 damage that should not be forgotten. The item is not meant to be picked up by main hard-carries (aside from some exceptions such as Silhouette, etc); but rather meant to serve as a mid-tier item, and it definitely has its place, and very important one in the game (at least when it comes to my particular playstyle). I usually play off-lane role as Scout or Grinex and I don't remember a game where I haven't picked up that item. By far I have experimented and tried many items, in ranked pl
  17. What you have described above - I tried to re-create exactly that in practice mode and it didn't work. I looked at the replay and it was specifically Fayde using her E, pause, parasite clicks his ultimate on Fayde while she is affected by her Immunity state, parasite ultimate triggers. For further clarification - her E does successfully disjoints parasite ultimate while parasite's ultimate is in progress if she uses her E after parasite has started his ultimate. I have had another game with Fayde, and had a strange and inconsistent experience with her E against a V
  18. On the few heroes with the ability "Single Target Immunity" (Fayde E, Grinex Ultimate with SotM), there seems to be a few cases where the Single Target Immunity seems to not work against some single target spells, or you are able to bypass the Single Target Immunity to issue an attack command to the unit. To sum it up shortly - Grinex - when buffed by SotM and using his ultimate, he gains the "Single Target Immunity" while on the shadow trail. You are not able to right click him, but surprisingly, despite having Single Target Immunity - you are able to A-command-click him to attack
  19. This has happened to me a few times in the last week, and is creating a major issue for me. Once in a few games, I'm forcefully disconnected from the game - and I'm unable to return to the game no matter what I do. Close/re-open HoN client, ctrl+f8 console with reconnect command - no response from server, and a few other methods that I've tried which were all unsuccessful. I don't understand what's the cause for this, but while this is happening my internet is working just fine; and its rather inconvenient that I lose 10 MMR + banned from matchmaking for 24 hours due to something I have
  20. Please don't touch Klout, not many heroes in HoN have the pleasure of being in a perfectly balanced state in relation to everything around them.
  21. Is it possible to ask again in the same thread for the next rotation? If so, I'd like Europa Corrupted Disciple to be in the list
  22. I don't know but, to me personally, Blitz is just fine as he is right now. The only thing that needs to be addressed at him, if at all, is his W. I really like combo heroes (like Flux+Engi, Tempest+Flux, etc.) and this puts Blitz in a self-combo category - which I tend to like. So all those Charge generations or intricated and complicated mechanics don't really resonate with me personally very well, so I have to disagree on that aspect. I absolutely adore the whole aspect of Blitz, with his lightning fast spellcasting abilities - E R Q and the enemy is lost as to what's happening. Th
  23. I play on EU server, and I've met the same problem you are describing. I'm a really dedicated player, and I am not kidding when I say this - I once waited 6 hours in a queue for a game. It threw me off queue every 30 minutes due to a timeout of the queue, so I kept re-queueing every 30 minutes until I reached the 6 hour mark. You have to understand, the less players in a queue - the longer are the queue times. I chose to queue between 4 AM until 10 AM looking for a game, and this is the result I had. Most players in EU play between ~11:00 AM - 02:00 AM. If you try to look for a game outs
  24. I'm a Solstice, I look at the timer and the timer reaches 1:53, it's time to stack the camps and head for the river rune. I head towards the rune, the timer rings 2:00 and the rune spawns. What do I see in-front of me? Haste. In that moment I have a few important things that I look at - Short lane state (Is it pushed? Is it an enemy duo-lane? What is the HP of the enemy hero/es on the lane? Are the allies in the lane able to provide assistance in case I do arrive?), Mid lane state (Is it pushed? Is the enemy midlaner being overly aggressive? What is the HP of the enemy mid hero? Is the ally mi
  25. I don't have any strong wills in regards to where I see this item, or any strong connection to me - in the end I just want to enjoy the game; and to enjoy the game I need certain items to have a certain feeling. The current state of Orb of Zamos just pushes me to be more "greedy" and "selfish" in regards to gold. I find myself fighting with the main carry over the pull camps as I need the gold from the last hits from neutral creeps; I find myself going in for last-hits on kills if possible. I'd give them to the carry, but I really need the gold
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