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  1. A few patches ago. It became sort of a meme-meta where people would go mid/jungle/short/sui TB, farm grimoire/resto/shards/spell sunder, most of the time it would work, sometimes it wouldn't if enemies applied enough pressure. It would just render most strategies useless and pick off supports, along with force the entire enemy team to return to base. It was too strong and too frequent, enough to cause TB to be permabanned in most games and cause allies to scream at you if you didn't ban him.
  2. Idk what's all this fuss about, Adrenaline is still one of the strongest heroes in the game currently, and the months of nerfs were just meant to prevent him from being banned in literally (almost) every game because he was so strong. I have no idea what you're doing with him that makes him look like a "total trash can"
  3. I tried contacting Garena in a few ways, but if you hit the outer shell of their company representatives I can already tell you that it's not going to lead anywhere. You need to either actually know someone from Garena that has any influence on the matter at hand, or manage to get your request/information/message across to a person of power there. This is personally beyond my abilities, so I raise a white flag and hope there will be something in the future that will change the course of things for the better. HoN closing down is sad, but you know, life moves on and there are other th
  4. The moment something better than dota 2 comes up, dota 2 will start its maintenance mode. It happened with all games, StarCraft 1, Warcraft 1 > 2 > 3, Diablo 1 > 2 then 3 was a trainwreck so 3 never replaced 2, only temporarily ( Path of Exile did replace it in the end ) - now there's Diablo 4 vs PoE 2 that will prob split the userbase. What I'm trying to say is - it's just the nature of the world, old gets either revamped or replaced with the new. In HoN's case, it was revamped for quite a long while until now unfortunately it's getting replaced. Idk if you can c
  5. it's a game you know, it's considered "a fun activity", so sometimes people play when they're drunk / completely wasted / on heavy drugs / after a party etc. i don't use drugs myself but I'm pretty sure it's not uncommon for many people. I can totally see in my mind how someone entered a hon match, smoked a lot of pot and he's like "woow listen to all the announcers man every time I die it gets even better" Like you have no visual confirmation of what's going on behind the other person's screen. What if the person is having a stroke mid-game and you're getting mad at him when in fact
  6. Lunarios

    The Big Bang

    some of you hate me, some of you love me - depending on the amount of alcohol i drank while playing with you, so let's get this subject off the table. We all know how the universe was created right? the current theory is that 13.7 billion years ago and so on the universe was created. Few of the more remembered physicists were Isaac Newton, Galileo Galilei, Albert Einstein, and some others that you may know depending on the specialty you chose in life. You know what ties all of them together? They're all dead. You know what is hon going to be in 7 months from now? dead. Yo
  7. I think Tidunus and `NickSlayer. they're both only 200 games apart from each other with ~21k on the main account.
  8. I think it's beyond this. Garena is a very large company that distributes one of the largest eSport game out there in the market (League of Legends) and many other large titles. I think they have deeper reasoning as to why they are doing what they do, and I personally don't think a few millions or tens of millions of dollars would convince such a large company to change their decision.
  9. Well I just got 11-0 as a mid Magebane against a mid Soulstealer while his teammates were ganking. I built tanky into HotBL, plated greaves, shaman's headdress and Frostwolf's Skull, stood at around 500 gpm during the game. Enemy had Pharaoh with a hellflower to initiate on me, and an enemy parasite to burst me down. I survived all of the encounters. It's different than what people or what I was used to. It's good in its own way. The farming isn't very good, I struggled to clear a medium camp or a stacked small camp even when I had reached Frostwolf's Skull-tier gear, so I spent most of m
  10. Really great patch! Just a thought - maybe Halberd can have 30% chance to gain true strike on autoattack, deal 60 bonus physical damage, and stun for 0.1 seconds? (To have an incentive to purchase it on its own as a buildup for Savage Mace)? Not sure about it because it might be too strong (1000 gold item that gives the ability to disrupt channeling abilities is a bit strong)
  11. I don't know if it's too late already, but there is one small thing I forgot to add - Flux SotM. It's a little bit redundant and weak (the effect), in practice it only adds +100 pull/push distance. (while a restoration stone for +/- almost the same price adds +800 pull/push distance) Can it be changed to something more impactful?
  12. Increase tower damage significantly (and make it penetrate % armor on t2-t3), mainly to elevate the risk of tower diving, and secondly for pushers to become a more valuable asset to have in the team.
  13. Lunarios

    Blood Hunter

    I think it's a fun hero overall. It's not a really strong carry like The Dark Lady, Predator, Scout, Klanx, etc. It's probably a good semi-carry, and with the right items it's a solid core hero, but that's about it imo. Really depends on player skill and if you like the hero for it to be successful.
  14. When F.L.E.X Hammerstorm uses his Ultimate Ability, he begins screaming "IT'S TIME TO BRING THE HAMMER!". Before the bug, he would play his voice line once you clicked the ability, and the voice line would not be able to be cancelled by an issued attack/move/hold/other ability command. After the bug, it only plays once the Thunder effect from the sky hits Hammerstorm, and if the player issues any said command before the Thunder effect hits Hammerstorm, it cancels the voice line and it does not play. I know this sounds like a petty reason, but this really bothers me enough to pos
  15. I think that's a very good solution, because TB is just AFK farming all game, buying Grimoire + Sunder + Resto + spellshards and just wreaking havoc from anywhere on the map with the +30% spell damage. It's very annoying to play against, especially as low-HP heroes (supports, agility heroes, int heroes); and with shards he just pierces the magic armor - all of these facts are the reasons for which he is mainly banned in most games.
  16. I think the recent nerfs to TB and Adrenaline have been too little, I think TB needs an indirect nerf and Adrenaline needs a direct nerf, otherwise those heroes are basically unplayable due to automatic ban in every game. (Which has been the case now for months) I think a nerf to Grimoire will hurt Thunderbringer enough for him to not be considered an insta-ban anymore, and I think Adrenaline needs another set of nerfs which just double the numerical values of the recent nerfs. I think if the heroes don't get nerfed, they will simply be automatically banned in every game for the fore
  17. I never thought I'd say this, but I think Adrenaline needs an extra layer of nerfs. (Additional +5 manacost to all levels of Q, +0.3 sec CD, and possibly removal of the additional attack speed gain from his ultimate). The hero is very strong as is, even with the currently planned nerfs or with my currently suggested additional nerfs. I think it was a rather unplayed hero before, but now that people know how to play him I don't think he needs all those extra offensive layers. The time away from the hero (because it's literally autobanned in every game for the past 600 games I entered) made
  18. Or just focus down the enemy that has the most tendency to get frustrated. Easy way to get a few quick buybacks or perhaps a 3-minute ragequit. (Extremely effective against smurfs, as their guards are low and they do not expect a high level of resistance, this may throw them off their game completely)
  19. Maybe you don't have enough valid reports in your RAP history so your single-filed reports get immediately discredited. If you really want to bring the attention of GMs to a certain case, ask a friend to file the report together with you - this way the chances of someone being reviewed for his behaviour dramatically rises. I'm 100% certain I didn't get banned on multiple occasions when my behaviour wasn't where it should've been, just because either people didn't have the energy to file a report, or perhaps it was only a single report by a person without enough RAP reputation.
  20. As a player that got banned not once and not twice, I can vouch that the system works as intended. When I get reported for an action that I have done that is not malicious, I don't get banned. When I get reported for something that I deserved to get banned for, I get banned. When I report someone that has done something malicious, he gets banned. When I report someone that has not done something malicious, he does not get banned. I think the main conclusion to make of this is to just not do any malicious actions and to not be afraid yourself if you act well, and
  21. Yes, I agree with you; I don't want to ruin a game for 9 other players. But I also don't want to wait 7 hours to play one game. Do you think that, something like having a maximum difference of 2 ranks can be good? (As in, Diamond can get minimum silver, Legendary minimum gold, Immortal minimum diamond?) In regular circumstances it's limited to 1 rank below/above. But sometimes there just aren't enough players to get one game going, for hours and hours and hours on end.
  22. There is an existing issue with matchmaking times in 1850 MMR and above. This issue renders players with that MMR without an ability to find a game, sometimes up to 6-9 hours. (I am not exaggerating, there have been cases where I personally waited 7 hours in queue from 3AM (my local time) up to 10 AM, when I had 1920 MMR. The max queue time is 30 minutes, and I refreshed it 13 times. This issue created a situation that I felt forced to create a secondary account, which I did. And the problem repeated itself once I reached Legendary 1 with that account as well. Sometimes I work odd ho
  23. Also - I forgot to add - do not be afraid if other people threaten you, grief you, say they will report you - it is your right as a player, especially as a new player, to enjoy the game the way you believe - and if someone else is giving you a hard time for you either being yourself or trying to learn something new - you have the ability to ignore them and cease further communication with them. Believe me - I have learned this on my skin many times - don't enter unproductive arguments with people, it will waste your time and may harm you in the process.
  24. There's what_you_got educational videos on YouTube regarding some heroes. You can watch them to get a basic understanding of some let's say Jungle heroes as Wildsoul or Solstice - rotation orders, items, what to expect of the hero and what to look for with him. Basic advices - don't try to win if you're alone vs 2 players in a lane, take what you can and don't die. Some heroes are better than others at certain tasks - don't get stressed if you lose a lane, you can come back later (and there are many come-back mechanics). There are many ways to play one hero, and many builds for
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