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  1. From my experience, earliest I could reach PK was 6:45 minutes in-game, where the average is 8:00 if you are not harassed and don't have blocked camps. Max whirling blade when you can.
  2. I think it's kind of in this middle zone of "I'm not entirely sure where I'm suppose to be right now". It's not a powerful item, and it's not a weak item, but it costs too much for what it delivers. I think either make it a powerful item with a powerful cost, or make it cost less with a weaker effect. If its a powerful item, it has to have use to it that Spellshards do not deliver. Spellshards cost ~3350 gold for the full effect, and they do it much better than Armor of the Mad Mage does. It's like having an item that gives you 65% Physical Armor Penetration for 3350 gold, and at t
  3. For me it depends on the alternative avatar, I enjoy putting up music in youtube that fits the selected avatar and feel immersed in the atmosphere. So it goes like - Shamrock Klanx and I put 1 hour of celtic music. Slender Grinex - 1 hour of sad piano music. It's really a blast to get into the vibe of the hero and the alt. King Crab Tremble - 1 hour of tropical caribbean beach music. TIME TO PINCH!
  4. I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels this way. I will of course keep playing him despite the drawbacks that I feel are present within him, because I really like the hero. But, of course I would like the hero to feel "whole", and not 90%.
  5. I've been playing KotF for quite a while after the recent patch, I think I know what is being talked about. With EP + Ghost Marchers KotF damage output is very high (being a high STR Gain hero), along with the natural attack speed boost with the passive, KotF can reach 2 attacks per second along with a very high physical damage per attack. Combine that with an immobilized target, and you have a deadly combo. High DPS output? Yes. Overpowered? Maybe in a percentage of the scenarios. Broken? I don't think having to play around a certain hero's skillset is broken. When there's a Tempest in p
  6. I've been playing a lot of Ichor recently and I've been enjoying the hero very much, but I've noticed a few problems with him (one of which I've posted in Bug Reports) - but it doesn't matter. What matters is a different subject - Ichor W (Transfusion) does not work on ally heroes affected by Shrunken Head, or any other type of Magic Immunity for that matter. I find it really sad and limiting, I understand not being able to use the skill on Enemy heroes being affected by Magic Immunity, but not being able to use it on teammates being affected by Magic Immunity? It feels like a low
  7. Ichor's W (Transfusion) transfers debuffs from ally to self, and from self to enemies on use. However, I've had a game where I was unable to transfer the mini-stun from Demented Shaman's Entangle, as well as the damage-over-time portion of the same skill. It was on two occasions, one where I was unable to transfer it from myself back to Demented Shaman; and one time where I was unable to transfer it from my ally to myself.
  8. Keeper of the Forest has hard-counters such as Electrician and Monarch, that are able to trivialize his Ultimate; and he doesn't perform very well with EP and Ghost Marchers against a good support or certain heroes (Chronos, Moira, Monarch). I think the addition of an offensive aspect to a primarily passive hero is a good thing, and if removed would return him to where he once was.
  9. Lunarios


    I'm really happy to hear that. I understand very well what you mean by his main problem, as I believe I experienced it first-hand by having to buy items from all the spectrum of attributes (Agi, Int, Str). It may be contrary to my current opinion, but to my eyes it is fortunate - as I just wanted to see Adrenaline changed for the better, be it drastic or moderate changes. I'm really looking forward towards the next patch, uncovering the new methods to be used with the future changes
  10. Lunarios


    So the closer we get towards the next patch, and the more games I play with Adrenaline - I'd like to give an update regarding to where I see Adrenaline. As of now, I have played a total of 123 games with Adrenaline ever since he was reworked, of which 46 are won games and 77 are lost games - standing at a total of 37.4% win rate. (Which is an improvement, I may say, since when I was at the 50 game mark - I stood at ~28-33% win-rate). Most of the games are at the 1600-1900 MMR bracket. What I can say is - the better I get with the hero, the better I know his limits, his interactions
  11. I personally feel 6 is too little. 8-10 would feel very good.
  12. From my experience, just ignore whoever is annoying you. Many games people have threatened to report me while I was trying my best to perform well to my opinion. Sometimes I was trying my best and got 0-15. I really did not attempt to feed, was trying my best, but my tactics failed and the opponent overcame me. In result, you have everyone on your team saying they will report you and you will be banned. You can't imagine how bad this feels, it makes you really angry inside - especially if you do end up getting banned for that. But you know what? You don't get banned for that. You kno
  13. From my recent experience with Tremble (I've played enough games to get a good feeling for him), I think he's either too squishy or too weak. In the laning phase it's difficult to secure a lead not because you lack harassment potential, but because you are very fragile. By the time you reach a stage that you can actually pull off some moves, the enemy has gotten stronger and it becomes complicated. It takes some farm and protective and offensive items to begin seeing Tremble's true power (Shrunken Head/Shieldbreaker), but sadly choosing SH means your damage is not that great, while choosi
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