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  1. I didn't even know that it's possible to dispel Warchief ultimate with those methods, that seems kind of broken to be honest, at least until he acquires a shrunken head.
  2. I know from past history that Supports are already in a very good position at the moment, and Iron Shield with 100% chance to block 20 hero damage has proven to be too substantial of a stat to have. But at the moment - it feels to me personally that 70% chance to block 20 hero damage is too little, and the upgrade from Orb of Zamos into Grave Locket is not worth the 500 gold invested. Many games I find myself just staying with the Iron Buckler when facing a duo-lane, and some games as a support I don't even upgrade Orb of Zamos into Grave Locket. My suggestion: change values on Iron
  3. You will find many players in here that have been playing for a very long time, winning will not be so easy, sometimes plain impossible. If you're 1800 MMR and below, you will probably have no trouble finding a game throughout all the hours of the day. If you're 1850+ MMR, you'll have no problem finding games in regular day hours, but in the deep night / early morning times it can be difficult to find a game. If you're playing with teammates that don't have a proper grasp of the game, you will have to select a core role in order to compensate their drawbacks (mid/carry/jungle at leas
  4. Nevermind, re-tested the numbers and it's all in place, sorry. It just took me some time to realize Fayde ultimate has 4 portions to her DoT (where one is applied through her autoattack, then 3 apart from her autoattack in intervals, where each does less damage than its previous). This made it seem like her first autoattack out of invisibility does increased damage, where an enemy had 4 physical armor and Fayde's first attack has mixed magic/physical damage.
  5. I've recently gotten Skrap Bone Collector avatar in a diamond chest in plinko, and I realized I only played this hero once or twice out of nearly 10k games. Skrap is in a strange spot currently. I don't think he's a good support, I think many other supports do the job much better than he does. From what I've seen - from the players that do play Skrap - they play him well in the mid-lane, using Vorax as a secondary farming tool to clear out empty lanes, or early pushing T1 towers. The whole "Use Vorax as a pushing mechanic" thing doesn't seem to work too well in games in genera
  6. Your analysis is interesting, however far from reality. It is commendable, however, your audacity to believe you understand other's motives and things in general. - You can place blame on a company or on the general public not educating itself. Two sides of a coin. - Disrupting a daily routine and working overtime is unhealthy, I agree. For a cause you love? Anything is worth the price. Desperate? I'd call you an ignorant for such statement. It is not for you to decide what others will follow, and what they will not. - The "Me-Plus" behaviour you are referring to, I must say - i
  7. I'm glad you brought it up - because if you look in the general picture, and not just me - you will see that it is many, many, many players that do the same. I may be one of the most toxic players in top games these days, but at least half of HoN population is toxic and griefing - and if you think I'm wrong, correct me. I am trying every day to do the process of becoming a better in-game player with good attitude, but guess what - every time I try to come into a game with a nice attitude, I have a barrage of flames thrown at me which puts me in a negative mood. How about instead of blaming me
  8. The marketing donations page has been sitting stale on 16$ ever since it was added. I'm tired of this mentality that has been seeping into HoN ever since 2014 that HoN is dying. Things die in life if you let them, if you support them and nurture them they rise and thrive. I see so many players passionate about HoN, that want it to live. Why not show it? Marketing is an intangible goal that is difficult to connect to, it's not like server stability or MacOS port that are understandable and relatable. However, Marketing is crucial to any business success - a good business, a bad business, a thri
  9. I think it would be of great benefit then if you picked less micro intensive heroes and more macro oriented heroes, since if you work a lot and don't have time to play much it can lower your micro reflex potential, but you can make it up with game knowledge intelligence and strong heroes. If you were there once there's no reason for you to not be there again, I think it's just about accommodating your playstyle to your life routine.
  10. Thanks, and just to cheer you up - I literally had a 35-game lose streak not long ago.
  11. Thanks, I'm back now to 1820ish after being for a while at 1900+ I can guarantee it's not only you having bad luck, everyone have bad luck, at all ranks and at all games, not just in HoN
  12. The world isn't a kind place, try to be the exception. I know it's hard, but don't stop trying
  13. Try to play around all the issues that you see arising. Try to make the game easier for you, if your goal is to win. Wait before picking if you can, to select an appropriate counter hero to the enemy composition. If you see an angry person, try not to interact with them, however - be careful with ignoring them, as they provide, even if once, information essential for your victory. If you have a feeling it's going to be a good game, try to play more in a team oriented way - picking a hero that complements your allies or compensates their drawbacks. If you have a feeling it's goin
  14. Well 1. It's really funny when you deadwood punch someone and he flies a kilometer away from you, 2. It can be used as a late-game player separation tool (PK behind enemy hero and punch him so he flies away from his team and into your team. Can be devastating if it's an enemy carry, and if he flies over a cliff so his team can't help him. Sort of like a reverse hook, just more reliable and with a stun included. (But I mostly care about the fun factor.)
  15. It has come to my understanding that in the old days - Deadwood Punch would push back the enemies 900 units away from the punch. Is it possible to add this function to his Staff of the Master ability? I don't know how positive or on the contrary - negative, it will be to his Ultimate in terms of game impact, but I really want to see enemies fly away from his punch. (Also considering the fact that Deadwood's current SotM effect is rather lackluster, to say the least)
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