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  1. Barbed Armor is not very effective on Kane. Kane's passive E causes enemies to deal 20% less damage per charge up to 80% less damage, meaning they would only get 16% damage return at full charges instead of the regular 80% from Barbed Armor in comparison to their regular unmodified damage.
  2. 1. Barbed Armor could see a change to enable its viability to a larger variety of heroes. 2. I don't think 20% passive damage return is healthy for the game, as it will be picked up too often. 3. The counterplay variant is something I personally like, and it rewards proper use of game mechanics. The issue is when it's the only aspect of an item to rely on for it to be viable. -Perhaps, add a +3 Armor/Magic Armor on the Barbed Armor to make it more viable as a regular item pickup?
  3. I think what he's trying to say is that there's a problem with the disparity in the amount of situations you can use Barbed Armor in HoN in relation to DotA2. Now, I personally don't know about DotA2 since I don't play it, but I do believe after the recent changes Barbed Armor has undergone, it has been limited in the amount of situations that it can be used it and in the heroes that it is effective on. For example - currently the heroes that Barbed Armor is really effective on is Legionnaire, Cthuluphant, Lodestone, Pharaoh, Shellshock - along with some situational use on some hardcarry
  4. I didn't see the post, but it's interesting because this isn't my experience with the hero. But then again, I usually have weird experiences with items/heroes, like when I said Sacrificial Stone is underwhelming (I still feel its underwhelming every time I use it/buy it), but I guess it's just me. I'm still enjoying Ichor even if he will be nerfed, so I don't really have anything to say against it or for it
  5. Wow those changes look really impactful, and having Adrenaline as my #1 most played hero, I'm really excited about it. Just a small experience I had regarding Ichor last game that I'd like to share - I tried playing Ichor in a few roles after the recent changes (Support, Mid-laner, sui/secondary support with farm); and I must say that during laning phase, Ichor is extremely powerful. He is one of the more dominant support heroes, only being overshadowed slightly by Martyr. However, he is very item dependent, more so than other supports. That is why I did not enjoy playing him
  6. From what I've seen recently, Adrenaline winrate stands on 49% win 51% lose. I think the reasoning behind it is that it took time for players to understand how to take advantage of Adrenaline's laning presence. I personally experienced an unusual scenario where I won alone a 1v2 lane with Adrenaline against a Cthulu+Demented Shaman combo in a Diamond-rank game. I think there should be caution in buffing Adrenaline too much, as I think there's a very gentle breakpoint that Adrenaline is facing, and should one go beyond it, it could spike the winrate by ~5-10%. I still am
  7. I think it would be nice if E would also grant him +1/2/3/4 to phys/magic armor, make SotM effect have instant non-interrupting cast animation on ultimate (the small animation to cast it makes it really difficult to hit enemy targets, would be nice to have the option to activate it mid-flight), and change the damage reduction value on SotM effect from 50% to 70%.
  8. His laning performance was buffed in my opinion, and for the first time in a long time I've been actually able to overpower or at least equalize Mid lane, I've also to my surprise been able to overpower an Electrician in mid lane and completely push him off the lane, forcing him to go jungle. That's something that didn't happen to me before. The extra 15 damage makes the difference in last-hitting creeps with Q, and also providing an edge in harassing enemies. I'd even call it a "breakpoint" value. I've seen his winrate rose to 47% but then dropped to 44% (now 43%) at the time I look
  9. The homepage Heroesofnewerth.com shows me instead some Apache2 Debian Default Page instead of the regular HoN welcome screen. For some strange reason it doesnt work on my computer but works on my mobile phone.
  10. Interesting interaction between Adeve's Cloak + Barbed Armor, as you don't get damaged much but still return the damage to the enemies regardless of your damage absorption rating. The 60% reduced damage output effectiveness doesn't affect barbed armor. Interesting interaction between Adeve's Cloak and Lodestone - Very effective together, allows lodestone to be extremely tanky even after detonating himself. In conjunction with Barbed Armor, he can deal the full worth of Barbed Armor's effect to nearby enemies (Due to Lodestone's 100% Magic/Physical pierce, causing them to take the full 80%
  11. Why have I not seen this link before, and why is that particular HoN website instance secure once you click Continue to HoN? edit1: I just saw that the link appears in the HoN client frontpage once you login and click on HoNiversary 2021 edit2: Thanks for the advice, I'm now a happy owner of F.L.E.X Legionnaire and 2 other avatars
  12. I was a bit worried when I thought there would only be a raise in the damage values, but was happy when I saw it was in conjunction with the 5 mana reduction, which IMO will help a lot in the laning phase. Sometimes I'm just not playing very well due to various reasons, but many times I just have the mindset of the pre-nerf Adrenaline which could solo-kill a Gladiator/Kraken in midlane, and it's hard for me to accept that it's not do-able anymore It would be better for me to accept that sometimes you just can't win a lane, and better take what you can and move on to the next stage.
  13. I suppose I just don't get the item that well, I almost never use it on the heroes I play. And when I play heroes like Pearl, I'm looking for the quickest way to get the most useful items as soon as possible (Portal Key, Stormspirit) - and spending 1500 gold on Sacrificial Stone or 1750 gold on Astrolabe just feels like too much for me, personally. I do see it picked up in many games, and some players pick it up in every game they play, especially on heroes like Oogie/Torturer/etc. But I just never play those heroes, and I look at the item from a different perspective. I suppose this
  14. I think the price tag of 1500 gold on Sacrificial Stone is a little bit too high. I usually exclusively buy it only on support heroes, and the reduced respawn timer along with the +20% healing done is very nice, but I don't need the extra stats as much as I need the other modifiers. 1500 gold is A LOT for a support. If it's possible to lower it to something more reasonable in the vicinity of ~1000 gold, perhaps with less raw stats, but keeping the respawn timer reduction and heal reduction, it would be appreciated.
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